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You can see the list of upcoming tramps and other events here.

If you're not a member, please phone the organiser listed under each tramp description. They will assess whether the tramp is suitable for your level of fitness and experience, let you know what clothing and gear you need, and answer any questions you have. 

Please arrive 15 minutes before departure for briefing. See here for meeting locations.  Transport is usually provided using the club's vehicle. 

Check this website for updates as trips are subject to change.  Trips are run wet or fine.  


Depending on numbers, we will have parties for shorter, medium and longer distances. 

Expect to be out for a full day, and to tramp on a variety of uneven terrains, which may be wet, slippery or steep. 


See here for Information including:

  • Clothing and gear to take
  • Safety guidelines
  • Use of private transport
  • Cancellations
  • Late returns


If you would like to receive trip news, including any late changes, you can subscribe to updates by email.

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You can see the list of upcoming trips using our iPhone mobile app.  See here for details.

Upcoming Tramps and Events

    • 27 May 2018
    • 9:00 AM
    • 5 The Strand, Takapuna

    An east Auckland all-weather hike that’s a great mix of parks, coastal views, mangroves and bush.

    Hike from St Heliers to Point England via Glover Park (volcanic crater) and Churchill Park, follow the Tamaki River coastline, and returning via urban parkland and Dingle Dell Reserve.

    There is an option for a distance party to go further south along the Tamaki River.

    Running or hiking shoes will be fine to us as track surfaces are generally good.

    Depart: 9.00am  from 5 The Strand, Takapuna

    Organiser: John Lamb - phone 021-227-3614 / 410-5211

    Driver: Falk Werner


    • $5.00 Members
    • $10.00 Non-members


    • 30 May 2018
    • 7:30 PM
    • Senior Citizens Hall, 7 The Strand, Takapuna

    Image result for flinders rangeAt the May Social meeting, there will be three offerings:

    AGM: A short Annual General Meeting

    Photos:  Peter Wortman will show photos from his recent trip to the Flinders Ranges in Outback Australia. 

    Freebies: The club is giving away to club members:

    • Maps of the Waitakere and Hunua Ranges
    • Plastic pack liners; in large and medium sizes
    • Books withdrawn from the clubs library
    Time: Wednesday, 30th May, 7.30pm

    Location: Senior Citizens Hall (behind Massimo cafe), 7 The Strand, Takapuna.  See here for how to find the hall.

    Cost: Free

    Everyone is welcome.  The social evenings are a great way of connecting, and staying in touch with all your NSTC tramping friends.

    Meetings are held on the last Wednesday of every second month.

    A light supper is provided.

    • 1 Jun 2018
    • 7:00 PM
    • 4 Jun 2018
    • Carpark cnr Auburn & Como Sts, Takapuna
    • 0

    Trip is full and waitlist applications are no longer  being accepted

    Out Party
    Tongariro Northern Circuit Great Walk:

    • Friday night: travel to Tongariro National Park, overnight in a lodge at Whakapapa Village
    • Saturday: walk from Whakapapa Village to Waihohonu Hut, 28 bunks (5 hours).  Optional side trip to Upper Tama Lakes (1.5 hours)
    • Sunday: combining two walks going to Oturere Hut (3 hours), and carrying on to Mangatepopo Hut for the night, 20 bunks (5 hours)
    • Monday: walk back to Whakapapa Village (3 hours), and return to Auckland

    For more information about the route, see here.

    As this is very much weather-dependent trip we will work closely with the Whakapapa DOC Information Centre and confirm the condition of the track prior to the day of departure. If the Northern Circuit is closed, the out party will stay at Whakapapa Village and join the home party for day walks.

    Home Party:

    • Friday night: travel to Tongariro National Park and stay in lodge accommodation at Whakapapa Village
    • Saturday, Sunday and Monday morning: a number of long and short walks to choose from such as:
      • Tongariro Crossing (6-7 hours)
      • Tama Lakes (5-6 hours)
      • Ohakune Old Coach Road (5 hours)
      • Taranaki Falls (2 hours)
      • Silica Rapids (2.5 hours)
      • Tawhai Falls (20 minutes)
    • Monday afternoon: return to Auckland

    For more information about the walks, see here.

    Whakapapa Accommodation:
    The Whakapapa Holiday Park in the heart of Whakapapa Village and is within walking distance of the Visitor Information Centre, eating places, cafe and local tavern.  They offer free hot showers, laundry facilities and cooking and dining facilities. Bedding and linen are available for hire, and cooking and eating utensils are available for loan on request.  Otherwise bring your own.

    The Northern Circuit Huts are not bookable for this time of the year being it's outside of the Great Walk season, and places are on first-come, first-serve basis. The DOC information centre assures us that there will not be many people in June , but you might want to carry a tent just in case. 

    If the winter comes early and there's snow and ice on the track, crampons and ice axes are recommended. You can hire these at the mountain for $20 per day, or $15 per day for crampons only.

    Friday, 1 June at 7pm from the carpark, cnr Auburn & Como Streets, Takapuna

    The Monday evening, 4 June


    • Out Party - $210.  Includes accommodation at Whakapapa Village for all three nights in case the Northern Circuit is closed.  You will need DOC hut tickets or a DOC Back Country Pass for the two hut nights.
    • Home Party $210.  Includes accommodation at Whakapapa Village.  If you choose to do the Tongariro Crossing, the shuttle is $35.

    A $50 deposit is needed to confirm your booking.  Final payment is due Thursday, 10th May 2018.

    Member Bookings:
    Waitlist registrations are no longer accepted as this trip is full.

    Any queries to Karen at

    Monika - phone 022 043 4781 or email here.

    Driver: Keith

    • 10 Jun 2018
    • 9:00 AM
    • 5 The Strand, Takapuna

    Part of the Te Araroa Trail, this tramp starts at the entrance to the Brookby Quarry on Kimpton’s Road. We follow the loose gravel Kimpton’s Road for 250 metres, then go over the stile into rough paddock. Then we follow the fence line and head up and over another stile. After a very steep climb to the top, there’s a great view of the quarry.

    We exit briefly onto Kimpton’s Road before going over another stile and have a steep climb following the fence line. Yet another stile and a brief stop at the trig. We go back following the fence line along a track cut through gorse. Great view of the Wairoa River and the gulf from the next high point. Over another stile and follow a very rough track of sorts that eventually intersects with the Clevedon Reserve circuit. We go right here and climb the wooden lookout and enjoy the great 360-degree views. Then down the track that has many steps. Turning left at the bottom, we head for a small waterfall where there’s seating for a nice lunch stop.

    We take a look around Camp Sladdin and the reserve, and complete the loop by going up the right-hand track that climbs back to the intersection, then retrace our steps to the bus.

    Depart: 9.00am  from 5 The Strand, Takapuna

    Organiser: Ralph Martin - phone 022 6005 0730

    Driver: Pierre


    • $10.00 Members
    • $15.00 Non-members

    Map (Draft): Online / Printable

    • 17 Jun 2018
    • 9:00 AM
    • The Strand, Takapuna
    Running shoes or trail shoes that you don’t mind getting dirty will be ideal for this tramp. Please note that the foreshore could be slippery.Switching things around, we’ll head through the tracks and bridges at the back of Hauraki and Bayswater to Devonport, then up and over Mount Victoria. While in Devonport, for something different we’ll stop at the Devonport Naval Museum at 64 King Edward Parade to immerse ourselves in the local naval history if everyone is keen. The museum is free, open 10 am to 4 pm.

    We’ll probably have lunch somewhere in Devonport or on North Head. With the outgoing tide at full low around 4 pm, we’ll head along the foreshore for the homerun back to Takapuna.

    The tramp is about 20 km and will take about 5 hours, plus the museum stop. Stunning views along the way, so bring your camera.

    Depart: 9.00 am The Strand, Takapuna   

    Cost:  Free (no club bus)

    Organiser: Imogen, phone 0272 898 440 (no texts please)

    Map: The Printable 7 part maps are Scale 1:9 in a zip file. The Printable 2 part maps are Scale 1:9 

     Online / Printable 7 parts Printable 2 parts  / GPS

    • 24 Jun 2018
    • 9:00 AM
    • The Strand, Takapuna
    The Te Henga Walkway is one of the few tramps on the west coast that don’t go through kauri forest and therefore are still open (and not included in the Rahui, either). Amazing coastal views, so bring your camera. Starting from Constable Road we go past Tirikohua Point, Te Waharoa Bay, Jonkers Rock, Raetahinga Point and O’Neill Bay to Bethells Beach.

    The slow party can do a part of the track from either side and then return to the bus, maybe in combination with the bit of Lake Wainamu Track that’s still open.

    Even if we’re not going through kauri, please scrub your boots and remove all soil.

    Depart: 9.00 am The Strand, Takapuna   


    • $15 members
    • $20 non-members
    Organiser: Annika Werner, phone 027 374 7469



    • 1 Jul 2018
    • 9:00 AM
    • Devonport ferry terminal
    Walk west along Queens Parade to the gates of the naval base. Up Spring Road, right onto Calliope Road, downhill a few metres and turn into Kerr Street, then into Mt Victoria Reserve. Up to the summit, view the disappearing gun and the field of iron toadstools.

    Back down the road again, turn right and head up Victoria Road to the end, and cross the wooden footbridge. Walk through Dacre Park and Ngataringa Park. At the end, turn left onto Lake Road. Then Ngataringa Road, Regent Street, Kawerau Avenue and Merwood Lane. Over the footbridge and on to Plymouth Reserve. Then Roberts Road, Bayswater Park, and O’Neill’s Point Cemetery.

    Medium party: At the end of the bridge, turn right and walk up Eversleigh Road to the end, cross Lake Road, walk along St Leonard’s Road and down the stairs to the beach. Turn right and follow the coastline.

    Distance party: After crossing the bridge, follow the footpath to the end, turn left onto Francis Street. Walk up to the junction with Jutland Road, turn right and walk to the end. Cross Lake Road and walk down Hauraki Road. At the bottom of this road is Takapuna Beach. Turn right and follow the coastline south, passing Narrowneck and Cheltenham Beaches. Around the base of North Head and through the naval museum. Along King Edward Parade back to the start point.

    Depart:  9.00 am under the clock at the Devonport ferry terminal  

    Cost: Free (no bus today)

    Organiser:  Chris Bilham, phone 022 657 3837 / 551 7780

    Map:  TBA

    • 8 Jul 2018
    • 8:00 AM
    • The Strand, Takapuna or Silverdale Park & Ride
    We follow the shore for part of the Mangawhai Estuary before climbing the highest sandhill to observe the seabirds. Then we head out to the coast for a coastal walk, avoiding the fairy tern nesting area, to Eyre Point, Te Arai.

    Please note that this is a one-way trip so two bus drivers will be needed—unless the driver is willing to return to the bus to move it to the end point.


    • 8.00 am The Strand, Takapuna  
    • 8:20 am Silverdale Park & Ride bus stop. If you need a pickup from Silverdale, please register via the website, or let the organiser know directly
    Registration is not required if leaving from Takapuna.


    • $20 members
    • $25 non-members
    Organiser:  Eileen Wintle, phone 021 293 6211 / 09 431 4901

    Map:  TBA

    Please note early departure time

    • 15 Jul 2018
    • 8:00 AM
    • The Strand, Takapuna
    A tramp in the heart of the Hunuas, with parties to suit all speeds  and ages. We begin at Mangatawhiri Dam and skirt the western side of the reservoir before crossing the Mangatawhiri River (there is a bridge), then a steady climb up to a fine viewpoint on a grassy knoll at 497 metres. Some parties will descend directly on the Lilburne Track, while others will divert along the Rata Ridge Track back to the bus.

    Depart: 8.00 am The Strand, Takapuna   


    • $15 members
    • $20 non-members
    Organiser: Ralph Martin, phone 022 600 5730 / 09 420 3494  

    Map:  online / printable

    Please note early departure time

    • 22 Jul 2018
    • 9:00 AM
    • The Strand, Takapuna
    Join us for a coastal walk along this spectacular coastline. We’ll start at Beachlands and work our way through to Maraetai, and then continue south.

    The slower group will return to the bus at Maraetai wharf, while the distance party will continue to Duder Coastal Reserve and then return to the bus.

    Tramp is up to 20 km on the flat, but expect slippery rocks and uneven surfaces. Bring a camera to capture this gorgeous area of Auckland, plus a little cash for an ice cream at the wharf.

    Depart: 9.00 am The Strand, Takapuna   


    • $15 members
    • $20 non-members
    Organiser: Annika Werner, phone 027 374 7469

    Driver: Falk


    Map:  TBA

    • 25 Jul 2018
    • 7:30 PM
    • Senior Citizens Hall, 7 The Strand, Takapuna

    Te Hauturu-o-Toi / Little Barrier Island is New Zealand's first nature reserve, established in 1896 and a safe haven for a multitude of critically endangered species.
    Approximately 40 species of rare or endangered birds, 14 reptile and 2 bat species, and more than 400 native plants flourish in this pest-free sanctuary. 

    Only 300 visitors per year are allowed on the island. The NSTC members Annika and Falk successfully applied for a permission to visit this amazing place. They will give us some insights into the intense biosecurity preparation, their work with the ranger in the Tuatara enclosure, their evening kiwi spotting tour and their full day tramp on the island.

    Everyone is welcome.  The social evenings are a great way of connecting, and staying in touch with all your NSTC tramping friends. Meetings are held on the last Wednesday of every second month.

    A light supper is provided.

    Time: 7.30pm

    Location: Senior Citizens Hall (behind Massimo cafe), 7 The Strand, Takapuna.  See here for how to find the hall.

    Cost: Free

    • 29 Jul 2018
    • 9:00 AM
    • The Strand, Takapuna
    A varied walk, including part of the Te Araroa Trail from the Puhinui Reserve near the airport to Totara Park and the Coastal Walk at Clendon.

    Depart: 9.00 am The Strand, Takapuna   


    • $10 members
    • $15 non-members
    Organiser: Helen Orchard, phone 027 421 2460 / 444 1397  

    Map:  TBA

    • 5 Aug 2018
    • 9:00 AM
    • The Strand, Takapuna
    A series of tracks from Green Bay through Blockhouse Bay, Lynfield, Waikowhai, Hillsborough, Onehunga and Southdown. Although there is some residential road walking and beaches involved to link up the tracks, there are some significant sections of bush that follow the coastline and provide lovely views of the Manukau Harbour.

    Depart: 9.00 am The Strand, Takapuna   


    • $10 members
    • $15 non-members
    Organiser: Roger Parsons, phone 021 277 1944 / 419 0552  

    Map:  TBA

    • 19 Oct 2018
    • 7:00 PM
    • 22 Oct 2018
    • Carpark cnr Auburn & Como Sts, Takapuna
    • 20

    Cape Brett Track traverses native and regenerating bush for 16 km. The track runs along the ridge through Maori-owned land before reaching conservation land at Deep Water Cove. Manawahuna for the last 6 km of the track. You can take a side track (1 hour return) down to Deep Water Cove, where you can enjoy a refreshing swim and snorkel.

    Expect dramatic coastal views with the steep cliffs and drop-offs beside the track.

    The hut sleeps 23 and must be prebooked.

    An organiser is required to set up this one now.

    • 10 Nov 2018
    • 11 Nov 2018
    • To be confirmed

    The North Shore Tramping Club has undertaken to clear one of the many tracks in the Kaimai Ranges which is administered by the Kaimai Ridgeway Trust.

    Several trips already by members have enabled nearly half of the track to be cleared. The track runs north from the top of the Wairere Falls to a junction near Aongatete.

    Are you able to help on the next trip?  The work is not difficult.  All you need is some good garden gloves and hedge cutters.  It will be an ideal time because the rain has softened the ground and will enable grasses and plants to be pulled out with ease, as we have previously experienced.

    As there is no cabins, tents are required (available for loan from the club if required).  There is an abundance of clean water available in the streams.

    Is there someone who can loan a GPS to enable a particular site to be located along the track?  We have the co-ordinates.

    When:  We will travel down Saturday morning and return Sunday afternoon.

    Cost:  Free

    Organiser:  For more information, contact Ralph Martin on 022 600 5730 / 09 420 3494, or Ralph here.

    Bookings:  Register via the website, or contact Karen at 0274 106 001  or 

    More information:   See
    • 30 Nov 2018
    • 7:00 PM
    • 2 Dec 2018
    • Departure location to be confirmed

    Come and enjoy a new area for tramping. Mataia is on the Kaipara Harbour, one hour north of Auckland.

    The Mataia Farm has been in the Gardner family since it was purchased from the local Maori chief Hori Te Totara in 1868. The Mataia Restoration Project was started in 2000 and involved fencing off and retiring 400 hectares of the farm. Intensive predator control, as well as extensive replanting, has seen the flora and fauna thrive. North Island brown kiwi were released on the farm in 2012.

    The cottage and walks are on a large (1,600 hectare) private farm. The self-contained cottage has a full kitchen, living room and four bedrooms, plus an extensive view of the Kaipara Harbour.

    The weekend trip is limited to 10 trampers and transport will be by private car.

    Depart: Departure location/s to be confirmed

    Cost: $65.  Full payment is required to confirm your booking.

    Organiser: Roger Parsons, phone 021 277 1944 / 419 0552 

    Bookings: Registrations will open at a later date when trip detail pricing etc is confirmed. 

    Due to the limited capacity of the trip, it will be limited to members only. Register through the website, or contact Karen 0274 106 001 /

    • 27 Dec 2018
    • 11:30 AM
    • 4 Jan 2019
    • 12:30 PM
    • Queenstown Airport
    • 0
    Join waitlist

    For our 2018 Christmas tramping trip, we’re heading to the deep south for nine days of wonderful tramping in the Manapouri area.

    This trip is fully booked but please register for the waitlist in the event there are cancellations.

    Based at the Green Crib in the Manapouri Motels and Holiday Park, which has views up the lake. 

    Inside 'Green Crib' Manapouri Motels

    A minibus is available for transport. Possible one-day and two-day trips include:
        Mt Luxmore
        Hope Arm Circuit
        Back Valley
        Key Summit
        Lake Marion
        Gertrude Saddle
        Green Lake
        Hidden Falls
        Tutuko Falls

    Day trips to Doubtful Sound are also a possibility (at extra cost).

    A view of Doubtful Sound from up high.


    There will be the opportunity to choose a specific Out Party later in the year but the options will be:

    Mavora Lakes, 5 days, slow party
    Shuttle from Queenstown Airport to the Greenstone Track. Three hours to the Greenstone Hut for the first night. 4–5 hours a day heading south to the bottom of South Mavora Lake.

    Takitimu Mountains, 5 days medium party
    Tramping on good tracks through beech forest. Excellent views south on the fourth day. 6–8 hours a day.

    Image result for takitimus

    Mt Titiroa, 4–5 days, medium party
    Traverse of Mt Titiroa (the white mountain). Camping on the tops—weather dependent. 6–8 hours a day. (Maps available below).

    Day and Overnight Trips
    After the out parties return there will be the option for day trips with the Home party, and / or a gentle two-day trip (1–2 January 2019) to Green Lake.

    Out parties $450.00. Home party $590.00.

    All accommodation, local shuttle costs and cooker fuel included. Flights Auckland/Queenstown/Auckland are not included in the costs.

    Everyone meets at Queenstown Airport by 11.30am on Thursday, 27 December 2018.

    Return flights can be any time after 12.30pm on Friday, 4 January 2019.

    Bookings opened Saturday 7 April  with a limit of 20 club members and was quickly fully booked. The limit was extended to 30 and remains fully subscribed.

    Please register for the waitlist in the event of cancellations and indicate your preference for either the home party or an out party. 

    Out party specifics will be finalised later in the year. We will make every endeavour to accommodate more bookings but this will depend on accommodation and vehicle availability.

    Register via the website or contact Karen at / 027 410 6001.

    A $50.00 deposit is required to confirm a booking, and final payment is due by 9 November 2018. The deposit is refundable up to the final payment date.

    Roger Parsons by email here / 419 0552.  Note - Roger will be overseas during June and July.

    We will have a meeting much later in the year, once we have an idea of numbers and which parties people prefer.


    To access the printable maps, download the zipped file, and either:

    • open the zipped file, then drag the files to a new location
    • press and hold (or right-click) the zipped file, select Extract All, and then follow the instructions

    • 18 Apr 2019
    • 7:00 PM
    • 22 Apr 2019
    • TBC

    Details to follow.

Past Tramps

20 May 2018 Northcote/Birkenhead Urban Walk, North Shore
13 May 2018 Mt Te Aroha, Kaimai Ranges
6 May 2018 Club Planting Day, Motuihe Island, Hauraki Gulf
29 Apr 2018 South Kaipara Peninsula, North Auckland
20 Apr 2018 Extended ANZAC Weekend - Coastal Walk: Kapiwairua – Te Paki Stream, Far North
15 Apr 2018 Shakespear Regional Park, Whangaparaoa Peninsula, North Auckland
8 Apr 2018 Cosseys Dam/Wairoa Dam Hunuas, South Auckland
30 Mar 2018 Great Barrier Island - Easter
28 Mar 2018 March Social Evening - Trip Photos from China and Tibet
25 Mar 2018 Waitawa Regional Park, South East Auckland
19 Mar 2018 Kaimai Track Clearing, Kaimai Ranges
18 Mar 2018 Rotoroa Island, Hauraki Gulf
11 Mar 2018 Mangawhai Cliffs Walkway, North Auckland
4 Mar 2018 Karangahake Gorge, Waikato
25 Feb 2018 Wairoa River, Hunua Ranges
25 Feb 2018 Mercer Bay, Waitakeres (cancelled)
18 Feb 2018 Little Shoal Bay - Le Roys Bush - Kauri Point/Centennial Park - Kauri Glen, North Shore
11 Feb 2018 Oneroa Peninsula, Waiheke Island
4 Feb 2018 Atiu Creek, Kaipara Harbour
31 Jan 2018 January Social Evening
27 Jan 2018 Anniversary Weekend: Hunuas, South Auckland
21 Jan 2018 Tawharanui, North Auckland
14 Jan 2018 Summer Open Day - Mahurangi West Regional Park, North Auckland
7 Jan 2018 Long Bay to Okura, North Shore
27 Dec 2017 Christmas Trip: Kahurangi and Golden Bay
17 Dec 2017 Puhoi, North Auckland
10 Dec 2017 Waharau Regional Park, Hunua Ranges
3 Dec 2017 Tiritiri Matangi, Gulf
29 Nov 2017 November Social Evening
26 Nov 2017 Hakarimata, Waikato
19 Nov 2017 Ernies Track, Hunua Ranges
12 Nov 2017 Motuora Island, Gulf
9 Nov 2017 November Committee Meeting
5 Nov 2017 Karekare, Waitakeres
29 Oct 2017 Kaipatiki Coastal Reserves, North Shore
20 Oct 2017 Te Urewera National Park, Labour weekend
15 Oct 2017 Hapuakohe Walkway (northern end), Waikato
11 Oct 2017 October Committee Meeting
8 Oct 2017 Waitakeres - Twin Peaks, Huia
1 Oct 2017 Hunuas - Workman Track
27 Sep 2017 September Social Evening
24 Sep 2017 Modest Mid-Waitakere Traverse
23 Sep 2017 Cancelled - Trip Leader Training Weekend - Pukenui Forest, Whangarei
17 Sep 2017 Public Open Day - Whangaparaoa Peninsula Low Tide
10 Sep 2017 Albany Tracks - Extra Tramp
9 Sep 2017 Kaimai Ranges - Cancelled / Replaced with Albany Sunday Trip
3 Sep 2017 Rangitoto Island - 49th Anniversary Trip
27 Aug 2017 Waitakeres - Lower Nihotupu Reservoir
20 Aug 2017 Waitakeres - Cornwallis to Parau
13 Aug 2017 Waitakeres - Lone Kauri Loop/Karekare
6 Aug 2017 Te Araroa Walkway - Takapuna to Long Bay
30 Jul 2017 Goldie Bush / Mokoroa Stream/Te Henga
26 Jul 2017 July Social Evening
23 Jul 2017 Mataia / Kaipara Harbour - Day Trip
21 Jul 2017 Mataia Farm Kaipara Harbour - Weekend
16 Jul 2017 Shakespear Regional Park - Volunteer Day
9 Jul 2017 Okura Walkway to Stillwater return - WINTER OPEN DAY!!
2 Jul 2017 Auckland City Coast to Coast Walk
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