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Social Meeting

Stewart Island Xmas 2019

Wednesday, 27th March 7:30pm

Details here


You can see the list of upcoming tramps and other events here.

If you're not a member, please phone the organiser listed under each tramp description. They will assess whether the tramp is suitable for your level of fitness and experience, let you know what clothing and gear you need, and answer any questions you have. 

Please arrive 15 minutes before departure for briefing. See here for meeting locations.  Transport is usually provided using the club's vehicle. 

Check this website for updates as trips are subject to change.  Trips are run wet or fine.  


Depending on numbers, we will have parties for shorter, medium and longer distances. 

Expect to be out for a full day, and to tramp on a variety of uneven terrains, which may be wet, slippery or steep. 

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See here for Information including:

  • Clothing and gear to take
  • Safety guidelines
  • Use of private transport
  • Cancellations
  • Late returns


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Upcoming Tramps and Events

    • 27 Mar 2019
    • 7:30 PM
    • Senior Citizens Hall, 7 The Strand, Takapuna

    The March Social Meeting will feature:

    • Stewart Island - a presentation on this years Christmas trip to Stewart Island (bookings open Sat 6th April)
    • Mt Hikurangi trip - photos from the January trip
    • Mt Titiroa trip - photos from last Christmas
    As usual, there will be tea & coffee & a few nibbles afterwards.

    Time: 7.30pm, all welcome.

    Location:  The Senior Citizens Hall, The Strand, Takapuna,  (left door, behind the spiral staircase behind Massimo Cafe.

     See here for how to find the hall.

    Cost: Free

    • 31 Mar 2019
    • 9:30 AM
    • Pier Z, Auckland City - NO BUS THIS WEEK

    Ferry departs WESTHAVEN at 9.30am

    Location:   Pier Z Westhaven Marina - The Red Boats

    Departure:    9.30am ex Auckland Pier Z Westhaven Marina - The Red Boats - NO BUS THIS WEEK!!!!
    10.30am Motuihe Island
    3.30pm Ex Motuihe Island
    4.30pm Auckland (Pier Z Westhaven Marina)

    Note: Times are indicative and are subject to change due to weather conditions and operational requirements

    Cost:   Adults:            $35pp Return
                 Children:       $15pp Return (up to 16 yrs)
                 Gold Gard:    $30pp Return
                 Family Pass:
    $80.00 per family


     Family Passes include 2 Adults & 2 children under the age of 16, extra children and Adults are charged at our normal Adult & Children rates. Campers need to Purchase 2 one way tickets, one for the trip to Motuihe and one for the return date.

    This will be the first time the club has had the chance to my knowledge, of being able to tramp over at Motuihe, more new ground.  We usually go over to help with planting, and in a few months time, we'll be back to help with planting.  So this time we'll get out and explore as much of the island as we have time for!!!  


    Bring your camera/phone as the sea views all around you on this little island are gorgeous and if we're lucky we might be able to find the sunbathing Tuatara's!   Hopefully we may have some time for a swim too!  

    Please bring plenty of drinking water due to the very high temperatures we're currently experiencing.

    History and about Motuihe Island:

    Suggest pre-booking so you don't miss out!   Very importantly, read the above link for Island Bio-Security to protect this treasure island.  

    Organiser:   Imogen

    Phone: 027 289 8440 (newbies no texts please)

    ***** PLEASE NOTE:  The Shore to Shore event is on this morning, so if you're coming through Takapuna or Devonport/Bayswater traffic maybe heavy.   (See attached map).

    • 7 Apr 2019
    • 8:00 AM
    • The Strand, Takapuna

    From Rangiriri, cross the bridge to the western side of the Waikato River.  Pick up the Te Araroa Trail and follow until reaching the sculpture park opposite the Huntly Power Station.  If time allows take the bus to Lake Puketirini for a walk around the lake. 

    Depart: 8.00am The Strand (Daylight Saving ends today so you get an extra hour in bed!)

    Fare: $20 members
               $25 non members

    Organiser: Anthony Hayes

    Phone:  444 3976

    A history of the battle of Rangiriri can be found here.

    Maps  Online / Printable / GPS

    To access the printable maps, download the zipped file, and either:

    ·        open the zipped file, then drag the files to a new location OR

    ·        press and hold (or right-click) the zipped file, select Extract All, and then follow the instructions

    • 14 Apr 2019
    • 8:00 AM
    • The Strand, Takapuna

    Good news, Goldies Bush track has been reopened, so we can enjoy this extremely scenic tramp!

    There are major kauri die back cleaning stations at the start and end of the Goldies Bush Track, so please ensure that all your tramping gear is very clean and dirt free before we start and at the end.

    Doing things a bit differently, the longer group will start at Bethell's of the Te Henga Walkway track start near the car bridge. 
    (Please note the footbridge at January 2019 was washed away, so will require wading through the shallow stream).
    Making the most of the hills and incredible clifftop views, this group will walk the length of the Te Henga Walkway in reverse of normal and pop out on Constable Road, then connect with the Western end of the Goldies Bush Track and head through to enjoy the absolutely stunning Mokoroa Stream Track with all it's multiple pools and waterfalls!!  Then head to the bus after.  

    The bus will be moved and the shorter group will start at the Goldies Bush Eastern entry & head through to the Western end of the track and backtrack and drop down into the Mokoroa Stream Track. 

    This is a fairly easy and incredibly stunning stream track, but you do need good balance, as you will be criss crossing the stream constantly and it will be slippery when doing so.  

    Please ensure you have a change of footwear on the bus for afterwards and swimwear, as we have ordered good weather for the tramp, so we can make the most of every single swimming opportunity in the streams big pools.  And you'll definitely want a camera to capture everything.  
    Also please ensure you have everything in sealed drybags or waterproof bags.  

    *  If there is any rain overnight, or on the morning, we may re-assess the stream track and alter the tramp slightly.  Irrespective time will be made to stop and check out the Mokoroa Lookout over the main waterfalls, as they're absolutely stunning!  

    Depart: 8.00 am The Strand, Takapuna

    Cost:   $10  Members
                 $15  Non members
                 $5    Juniors

    Organiser: Imogen   0272898440  (newbies no texts please! ) 


    Maps   Online / Printable / GPS

    To access the printable maps, download the zipped file, and either:

    ·        open the zipped file, then drag the files to a new location OR

    ·        press and hold (or right-click) the zipped file, select Extract All, and then follow the instructions


    • 18 Apr 2019
    • 7:00 PM
    • 22 Apr 2019
    • Como St, Takapuna
    • 4
    This is a classic tramp in the Te Urewera National Park.

    The tramp is moderate to a bit more difficult, so is not for those who are not fit.

    Tents are required as it cannot be guaranteed that there are enough bunks in the huts. Hut tickets are required. You can purchase these unserviced hut tickets from Bivouac.

    We will leave from the carpark at the end of Como Street at 7pm on Thursday 18th April and drive to Whakatane and stay the night. In the morning we will drive around to Ruatahuna to commence the tramp. Tramping this way is basically down hill as we follow the river to its mouth.

    There are a number of river crossings along the way.

    Friday evening we will stay at the Ngahiramai Hut, Saturday evening the Waikere Junction Hut  and Sunday evening you will have the option of either the Ohura or Onepu Hut.

    Monday we will walk out to be met by the bus at the Whakatane end.

    Cost:  $175

    Organiser: Ralph Martin
                           022 600 5730

    Drivers:  Helen, 

    Maps   Online / Printable / GPS

    To access the printable maps, download the zipped file, and either:

    • open the zipped file, then drag the files to a new location OR
    • press and hold (or right-click) the zipped file, select Extract All, and then follow the instructions
    • 28 Apr 2019
    • 8:00 AM
    • The Strand, Takapuna
    As the club hasn't been to the Nikau Caves for a few years, it must be time again to join us for this very different and really cool, adventurous trip, because who doesn't love Glow Worms!  This is quite a different experience to Waitomo, the drive alone once off the motorway, if really stunning.  

    The cave tour is booked for 10.30am and included in your cave tour cost they provide you a safety helmet and torch and we will be split into groups of no more than 10 people to be guided through.    The actual cave tour takes 1.5 hours.  

    For the first 20 metres you crawl into the Limestone cave, through an extremely shallow stream, so you may get a bit damp.  Then the cave opens out to an extremely comfortable standing height even for the very tall.  Once into the cave you will see lots of incredible stalactities and stalagmites and amazing Glow Worms really close all around you!  No touching anything though. You reach the other end of the cave and come out into a magical other worldy lush type bush setting and return along the track to office.  

    We'll stop for lunch and you can bring your own lunch or order lunch at the yummy cafe.   After lunch we'll go for a walk to the really pretty waterfall which is also on Cave grounds.  

    Please bring a full change of clothes and shoes and bag for your gear (as usual) as you may get wet going through the caves.  

    Please note if there is heavy rainfall the night before or on the day, this trip maybe cancelled, but you will be advised accordingly and run a local tramp instead.  


    Bus Cost:           Member                       $20.00
                                 Non-Member              $25.00
                                 Juniors                            $5.0

    Cave Tour Cost:    Adults                                 $45.00
                                      Children still at School  $22.50



    0272898440    (newbie non-members no texts please) 

    • 5 May 2019
    • 9:30 AM
    • Pier 4, Auckland City - NO BUS THIS WEEK

    Ferry:     Fullers Ferry departs Pier 4 at 9.15am Auckland City  & Devonport 9.25am and return from Motuihe Island during the winter 3.15 pm.

    Cost:     Ferry tickets: $24.50 (volunteers). $35 (non volunteers) from the Fullers' ticket office at Pier 1. Children $12.60

    Over Summer, a few months ago in March we were very excited to have our first chance to tramp around the this gorgeous little island!   So continuing our Club's annual give back to the environment of Motuihe Island over the Winter months, we're back again for 2019. 

    It's very well organised, so there is choice of planting, or working in the nursery and then after the yummy bbq sausages and tea and coffee that the organisers provide at lunchtime, we usually head off to one of the tracks to spot many native birds and if really lucky sunbathing Tuatara's before heading back down to catch the ferry home!  

    Please contact the organiser to register your attendance and if departing Auckland City or Devonport, so we can notify Fullers of our numbers.  (Unless you wish to book your planters ferry seat individually by phoning Fullers on 093679111. You can pay for the ticket then or get a booking number and pay for it at the ticket office on pier one on Sunday morning).   

    Volunteers need a discount card, available from a Motuihe representative standing near Pier 1 Ticket office from 8.45am on the day or via NSTC organiser at Devonport at 8.45am.  

    (Cancellations: Subject to weather - please ring 08006688443 after 7 am on the day to check for cancellations.  Important over winter months, if the weather is really inclement.  We've often still gone to the island on a wild day and had an amazing time).  

    Bring your camera/phone as the sea views all around you on this little island are gorgeous! 

    (Suggest pre-booking so you don't miss out!   Very importantly, read the above link for Island Bio-Security to protect this treasure island). 

    Organiser:   Imogen

    Phone: 027 289 8440 (newbies no texts please)

    • 27 Dec 2019
    • 12:30 PM
    • 5 Jan 2020
    • 9:00 AM
    • Invercargill
    • 24

    Christmas - New Year Trip: Stewart Island plus the Catlins for the Home Party

    For our Xmas - New Year 2019 trip,  we are exploring Stewart Island, the southernmost and smallest of our three main islands.

    A perfect retreat for those seeking peace and quiet and a haven for native bird life. And, of course, an exciting destination for hikers.

    There will be a 20 min Q&A presentation at the Social Evening on the 27th March 2019 prior to bookings opening on 6 April.

    Start:    Fri 27 Dec 2019

    End:      Sun 5 Jan 2019

                  10 days / 9 nights

    Location: Invercargill Airport

    Spaces: 24

    Home Party - $720, Catlins 3 nights / Oban 6 nights,  details here

    Rakiura Great Walk - $660, Huts 5 nights / Oban 4 nights,  details here

    Southern Circuit - $690 , Huts 5 nights / Oban 4 nights, details here

    Northwest Circuit – $530, Huts 8 nights / Oban 1 night, details here

    NSTC Bookings open at 9 am Sat 6 April 2019.

    There is a limit of 24 ‘club’ members. Bookings are available for specific party groups.

    Registration is via the website only and will NOT be accepted by phone or email.

    Should the trip be booked out, consideration will be given to increasing the numbers.

    More information here.

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20 Apr 2018 Extended ANZAC Weekend - Coastal Walk: Kapiwairua – Te Paki Stream, Far North
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30 Jul 2017 Goldie Bush / Mokoroa Stream/Te Henga
26 Jul 2017 July Social Evening
23 Jul 2017 Mataia / Kaipara Harbour - Day Trip
21 Jul 2017 Mataia Farm Kaipara Harbour - Weekend
16 Jul 2017 Shakespear Regional Park - Volunteer Day
9 Jul 2017 Okura Walkway to Stillwater return - WINTER OPEN DAY!!
2 Jul 2017 Auckland City Coast to Coast Walk
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