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If you're not a member and interested in joining a trip, you must phone the trip organiser listed in the trip description. They will assess whether the tramp is suitable for your level of fitness and experience, let you know what clothing and gear you need, and answer any questions you have. 

Please arrive 15 minutes before departure for briefing. See here for meeting locations.  Transport is usually provided using the club's vehicle. 

Check this website for updates as trips are subject to change.  Trips are run wet or fine.  


15th Sep 2022  - The club is running trips on the following basis:

  • Wellness - only come out with us if you are well
  • Clothing - bring warm clothing as the bus will be well ventilated
  • Vaccine pass - is not required
  • Bus capacity - no special limit bus on capacity or social distancing
  • Face masks - are not required but you are welcome to wear one


If you would like to receive trip news, including any late changes, you can subscribe to updates by email here.


See here for Information including:

  • Clothing and gear to take
  • Trip gradings
  • Safety guidelines
  • Use of private transport
  • Cancellations
  • Late returns


For multi-day trips, and more challenging day trips, the club includes a trip grading category to assist choosing a trip suited to your fitness and ability.  There are five grades from:

  • Easy - up to 4 hours a day at an easier pace
  • Fit - over 8 hours per day, at a faster pace

For details about the trip grades, see here.

Upcoming Tramps and Events

    • 30 Nov 2022
    • 7:30 PM
    • Senior Citizens Hall, 7 The Strand, Takapuna

    Date: Wed, 30 November 2022

    Time: 7.30pm

    Chris Peard and Colin Symonds will be holding the second part of the map reading session, followed by great photos of a recent trip along the Old Ghost Road,  the Karekare/Whatiou day walk.

    Finishing up,  Chris Bilham will be taking a brief session on the Xmas trip.

    Refreshments and time for individual  conversations, as usual.

    Location: Senior Citizens Hall, 7 The Strand, Takapuna.  See here for how to find the hall.

    Cost: Free

    Social evenings are held on the last Wednesday of every second month.

    • 4 Dec 2022
    • 6:30 AM - 7:00 PM
    • The Strand, Takapuna
    • 0
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    Kevin, Chris,  Amber & Monika crossing the Waiohine River (Tararuas)\

    Completing a one-day river crossing course is a great way to upskill and ensure your safety before you head off on your next big tramping adventure. Rivers are one of the greatest hazards in New Zealand’s backcountry and claim lives every year! They are dynamic and pose a serious risk to the untrained.

    The Club is organizing with Outdoor Training NZ (OTNZ) to run a 1 day River Crossing Course.

    This course is designed for trampers - to help plan for trips that may involve rivers and bodies of water, develop river safety skills including hazard assessment and river crossing techniques.

    I would recommend this Course to all Club members wanting to develop confidence in crossing rivers encountered in some of our multiday trips. 

    This Course will also provide important preparation for members planning to register for Out Parties 1 and 2 of our Mt Aspiring Xmas Trips.

    The River Crossing Course is $60 with the Club bus to Karangahake Gorge a further $30 giving a total cost of $90.

    The Club fully supports this course to upskill members and is pleased to subsidize 50% of the River Crossing Course, reducing the total cost from $90 to $60!

    We will travel down early on the Sunday morning and meet at:  Karangahake Gorge Car Park to start the Course by 9.30am concluding around 4:00pm (depending upon weather and number of participants).

     We'll be doing theory (staying dry) in the morning and practice (in the river) after lunch – you will get very wet, including your pack and boots.

    The course is specifically designed for trampers – to help plan for journeys that may involve rivers and bodies of water; to develop river safety skills including hazard assessment and river crossing techniques.

    This practical course includes:

    * Basic river dynamics and hazards

    * How to assess whether a river or stream is safe to cross

    * Choosing not to cross

    * How to identify safe crossing points

    * Managing clothing and equipment for travel/river crossing

    * How to perform a solo crossing

    * How to cross using an approved mutual support method

    * How to float and recover if swept away

    * How to self-release from a trapped pack

    * How to safely retreat during a crossing

    * Managing a group in and around waterways

    Gear List
    ·       towel
    ·       spare set of warm clothing (kept dry)
    ·       lunch, snacks, hot drink
    ·       tramping pack with gear inside it that you don't mind getting wet
    ·       pack liner (a plastic bag inside you pack where your gear goes)
    ·       boots/stout walking shoes
    ·       personal first aid kit
    ·       PFD (flotation device/life jacket) if not confident in water
    ·       pen, note book
    ·       sun hat
    ·       sun block/cream
    ·       warm hat
    ·       raincoat

    Depart:  Sunday 4th December’22 at 6.30am from 5 The Strand, Takapuna
    Registration and Payment:
    Course numbers are limited to 15. Please register and pay in full: $60 by: 31st July’21.

    Return: Sunday evening ~7pm

    Organizer: Kevin Osten Ph: 0274 577418

    Driver: Craig O'Neill

    • 11 Dec 2022
    • 9:00 AM
    • Long Bay Regional Park

    All attendees (members and non-members) please register for catering purposes

    Long Bay Xmas BBQ  – 11th December 2022

    WHERE: Long Bay Regional Park, East Coast Bays; 9.00am, end of Beach Road, Torbay

    NO CLUB BUS TODAY – Please meet us there.  As you come of the one-lane bridge, take the first car park on the right. 

    Cost – FREE

    Registration: please register for catering purposes.



    Walkers - 9.00 am we'll set off for a walk starting along the 100-acre track to Granny’s Bay and back again. Due to high tide, we cannot walk via the coastline.  We’ll walk for about 3 hours returning to join in lunch. There will only be one group for this group for this hike as it’s a short one.

    Bring plenty of water!

    BBQ about 12.00 pm or non-walkers, join us anytime.

    What better way to finish the year than with a couple of hours tramping the Long Bay reserve followed up with a bbq.

    CLUB WILL SUPPLY:  Sausages, including some veggie options, sauces & bread and margarine.  BYO your own extras for the bbq, refreshments and salads, plates and cutlery, glasses.

    Don’t forget your swimming gear if you’re keen.  Toilets and changing rooms are close by.

    Please note the Xmas party does not qualify as a day trip for people applying for membership.  This day is suitable for new members!

    The  trip planning committee look forward to seeing you.

    • 27 Dec 2022
    • 12:30 PM
    • 4 Jan 2023
    • 12:00 PM
    • Mt Aspiring National Park
    • 0
    Registration is closed


    27 December 2022 – 4 January 2023

    Area: Mt Aspiring National Park

    General Outline

    We have a space left in Caples- Greenstone party only 

    Participants will assemble at Queenstown Airport before noon; those travelling from Auckland have the choice of flights departing at 6:45, 8 and 9:30 am. Three minibuses (two 12-seaters, one 8-seater) have been hired to carry trampers to the beginning of their track or to Base Camp.

    Each of the out parties has two tramps: the main one and, because none of them takes up the full 8 days, a shorter one of 2 or 3 days. All parties should return to Kinloch on day 8. We will have a farewell banquet at the
    Glenorchy Hotel
    Base Camp

    Base camp is Kinloch Lodge. Kinloch is 26 km from Glenorchy by road; there is also a boat service (Queenstown Fishing). The lodge has a variety of accommodation at different prices; of most interest to us are the Wilderness Rooms. There are 13 rooms with a total of 39 beds.  There is a large, well-equipped kitchen and dining room and even a large, outdoor spa pool and, of course, guests are welcome to patronize the bar and attractive restaurant . Prices are around $60 per person per night. There are also dining/drinking options in Glenorchy.

    Out Parties

    1. Rees-Dart Track 6 days, MEDIUM PARTY (M) 3 x Parties (total 20 persons)           

    “ The Rees-Dart Track is a moderately demanding 4 to 5 day tramp* of 6 to 8 hours walking per day. It follows the Rees and Dart rivers through leasehold farmland and the southern part of Mount Aspiring National Park. Spectacular mountain scenery, forest and alpine vegetation, glacier-fed rivers and the Dart Glacier are significant features of the walk.”
    * Note: We are doing two side-trips, adding two days to the route.

    Because we now have 3 partes doing this tramp the itinerary will differ to ensure we do not all meet at the same hut each night.

    Day 1: Begin at Chinamans carpark, walk up Dart River to Daleys Flat Hut, 20 bunks (about 6 hours).
    Day 2: Walk to Dart Hut, 32 bunks (about 6 hours).
    Day 3: Side trip to Cascade Saddle and Dart Glacier (6-8 hours), return to Dart Hut.
    Day 4: Cross Rees Saddle (1471 m), descend to Rees River and Shelter Rock Hut, 22 bunks (5 hours)
    Day 5: Walk along Rees River to the south, then turn west to walk up to Earnslaw Hut and Kea Basin (8 hours). Camp.
    Day 6 (1 Jan): walk down to Rees River and south to Muddy Creek carpark. Pick up and drive to Kinloch.
    Day 7: Walk up Earnslaw Burn to Gilkinson Falls
    Day 8: Walk back down, return to Kinloch.

    Max 20 people over 3 parties.  Cost $394

    2. Caples – Greenstone track 4 days, EASY (E)

    “Tramping the Caples and Greenstone valleys, by crossing the sub-alpine McKellar Saddle, is an excellent four-to-five day round trip in superb surroundings. The Greenstone valley is wide and open with tussock flats and beech forest. The Caples is narrower and more heavily forested, interspersed with grassy clearings.”

    Day 1: Walk to Lake Sylvan, then along Rockburn Track to the shelter on the bank of the Dart River (3 hours). Camp.
    Day 2: Walk up the Rockburn Track to Theatre Flat (6 hours). Camp.
    Day 3: walk back along the Rockburn Track to the south, then turn off to cross the easy Sugarloaf Pass  (1154m) to finish at Routeburn Shelter (6 hours). Return to Kinloch.
    Day 4: rest day or join Home Party for a day walk. Kinloch.
    Day 5: Greenstone Road end to Mid-Caples Hut, 24 bunks (2-3 hours)
    Day 6: From the hut walk north-west, cross the sub-alpine McKellar Saddle (945m), then south to McKellar Hut, 24 bunks (6-7 hours)
    Day 7: McKellar Hut to Greenstone Hut, 20 bunks (5 hours)
    Day 8: Greenstone Hut to Greenstone road end (4 hours), return to Kinloch.

    Max 6 people Cost $479

    Please note: The price for out parties does not include hut fees, which are $20 per person per night. Each person is responsible for paying the fee him/herself (hut tickets available from Bivouac and DOC information centres; you will need a combination of $15 and $5 tickets).  Bunks cannot be booked in advance, all trampers on the out parties should carry a tent.

    Home Party
    Many one day or overnight tramps are available around Glenorchy and Queenstown. These could include:
    •    Earnslaw Burn Track
    •    Routeburn Falls; 3-4 hours one way from the Routeburn Shelter
    •    Lake Sylvan and Rockburn Shelter return
    •    Mt Judah; this walk, starting just outside Glenorchy, passes the remains of the Scheelite mine to reach the Bonnie Jean Hut and Boozer Hut.
    •    Kea Basin Track; 4-6 hours one way from Muddy Creek carpark on the Rees River.

    Max 6 people. Cost $650

    Notes Applicable to All Groups
    t goes without saying that all trips are subject to weather conditions. Trip leaders should have a plan B in case inclement weather makes the original plan impractical.

    Out Party 1 will require several river crossings and be walking in rugged country some of it above the bushline. Members of these
    parties should be physically fit and well-equipped. Heavy rain would make the rivers impassible and would definitely affect our plans.

    •    Members of Out Party 1 (Rees Dart)  are expected to have completed a River Crossing Course.
    For those who have not completed a River Crossing Course please register for the Club sponsored course scheduled for Sunday 4th December.

    All members of the out parties should be equipped with tents.
    We have to provide our own drivers. An ordinary class 1 driving licence is sufficient, no need for passenger endorsement. Please indicate if you are willing to be a driver.

    N.B: Before booking your air tickets please ensure your Registration has been approved by the Club’s Health & Safety Officer. You must arrive at Queenstown before noon on 27 December. With regard to the return flight, allow about two hours for the drive from Kinloch to Queenstown Airport – don’t book for an early flight.

    Prices are as follows:

    Home Party: $ 650 Limit 6
    Out Party 1 (Rees-Dart): $394 Limit 20
    Out Party 2 (Greenstone-Caples): $479 Limit 6

    N.B Prices are current but maybe subject to change depending  on final trip and room allocations.

    Successful applicants will be required to pay a deposit of $100 by 2nd July, with the balance on or before 6th November 2022. Refunds for cancellations are subject to the usual club rules.


    Places on the trips will be allocated according to the order in which registrations are received, subject to approval from the Trip Organizer and the Club’s Health & Safety Officer that the person has a suitable standard of physical fitness and experience.

    In the event of over-booking, unsuccessful applicants will be wait-listed and allocated to a trip if there are any cancellations.

    Organiser: Chris Bilham  022 657 3837

    • 29 Jan 2023
    • 9:00 AM
    • The Strand, Takapuna or Silverdale Park & Ride

    Members please register for this trip by 7pm Friday 27 Jan.

    Non-members please contact Organiser to register and assess suitability. 

    Mataia is on the Kaipara Harbour one hour north of Auckland. The walk is on a 1600 ha private farm. The Mataia Restoration Project was started in 2000 and involved fencing off and retiring 400 ha of the farm. Intensive predator control as well as extensive replanting has seen flora and fauna thrive. North Island Brown Kiwi were released on the farm in 2012.Kevin and Gillian Adshead recently received the Queens Service Medal for their work on the Restoration Project – they live off line on the farm.

    The Club has previously visited the farm so it will be good to see how it has further developed. There are a number of tracks and to complete them all in one day would test the most keen.

    Visit:  Mataia/ Kaipara Harbour for more information.

    On the way home we can stop of at the Kaukapakapa Store for a delectable ice cream.

    The Club will make a $10.00 donation to the Restoration Project for each tramper on the trip.

    Cost:  Member $25, Non Member $30

    • ·         Non-members please phone the organiser to assess your suitability for the tramp  

    Depart:        9.00 am from The Strand, Takapuna

    Organiser:   Ralph Martin 022 600 5730

    Driver: Arletta

    • 4 Feb 2023
    • 8:00 AM
    • 6 Feb 2023
    • 9:00 PM
    • Como St, Takapuna
    • 14

    Waitangi Weekend:  3 days Saturday 4 - Monday 6 February  2023

    Whirinaki Forest

    The Whirinaki Forest is a temperate rain forest in the central North Island, just to the west of the better-known Urewera National Park. It has been described as “the most visually superb remnants in New Zealand, with podoarps up to 65 meters tall and reaching three meters in diameter” and British biologist David Bellamy regarded it as one of the great forests of the world. The area is rich in bird life including kaka, whio and kiwi.

    Leaving Como Street carpark at 8.00am Saturday morning, we will drive approx 5 hours to River Rd carpark in Whirinaki where the Medium Party will be dropped off before continuing another half an hour to Okahu Rd carpark where the bus will be left and the E/M Party will set out.  Tents are required.

    Easy/ Medium Party

    This group will walk for 2 hours to Skips Hut for the night (9 bunks).  On Saturday they will head to Moerangi Hut (6 bunks) via Rogers Hut, total distance approx 13 km (4 - 5 hours).  On Monday walk out to River Rd carpark - 13km (4.5  hours) where there are a couple of short walks that can be done while waiting for the bus.

    Medium Party

    After being dropped off at River Rd they will walk 13 km (4.5 hours) to stay at Moerangi Hut (6 bunks).  On Sunday they will go to Rogers Hut and from there to Mangakahika Hut (9 bunks) total walking time 6.3 hours.  On Monday the walk from there out to Okahu Rd end to pick up the bus will take approx 5 - 6 hours.

    We will aim to get back to Como Street between 8 and 9pm depending on stops and traffic.

    Both parties will need to carry tents and have 2 x standard (blue) hut passes, also recommended to have warm clothing.

    Cost:  $125 (plus 2 blue hut tickets)

    Depart: Saturday 4 February, 8.00am: Corner 6 Auburn St & Como St Carpark, Takapuna

    Organiser: Mandy Cunningham 027 2002369

    Drivers: TBC


    • 12 Feb 2023
    • 8:00 AM - 5:30 PM
    • The Strand, Takapuna

    Members please register for this trip by 7pm Friday 11 February.

    Non-members please contact Organiser to register and assess suitability. 

    This is in the southern part of the Coromandel, and we will start at Maratoto road end, following the Maratoto Stream which will require several crossings before eventually emerging out into an area known as the Golden Cross, an old mining area which we will explore.

    Between 1895 and 1920 the Golden Cross underground mine produced just over two and a half tonnes of gold. When the mine closed in 1920 the site became farmland.

    Seventy years later in 1990 a new mining license was granted. Mining was both underground and open pit and between 1991 and 1998 over twenty tonnes of gold and fifty-two tonnes of silver were extracted.

    The mine officially closed for the second time in December 1998 and became the first modern mine in New Zealand to move into planned closure and final rehabilitation. The area is now used for grazing, wetland, and native habitat.

    We will then make our way back to the bus and if time allows, there is a well-used access route to the top of Maratoto a very interesting towering rock formation offering us views of the Hauraki Plains, that we will climb.

    Time:  Depart Takapuna 8am 

    Cost:  $25.00 members, $30 non members.   

    Non-members please phone the organiser to assess your suitability for the tramp  and to register. 

    Organiser:  Chris Peard  021 277 0270

    Driver:  TBC

    • 20 Feb 2023
    • 8:00 AM
    • The Strand, Takapuna or Silverdale Park & Ride

    Members please register for this trip by 7pm Friday 17 Feb.

    Non-members please contact Organiser to register and assess suitability. 

    Mangawhai Cliffs Walkway, North Auckland

    Sunday 19th Feb 2023

    This tramping trail is part the Te Araroa Walkway and one of the most stunning coastal walks in this area from the shoreline to the cliff-top with views extending from Bream Head to Tawharanui Peninsula.  Track starts by the beach at the Surf Club climbing steeply for about 20 minutes then walking along the coastline before descending to the beach and returning along the clifftop.  

    If time and energy permits, we can add on a “distance” loop at the end.  

    Approximate elevation gain is 300-400 metres.  The cliff track is approximately 8.5kms each way.

    Don’t forget to bring your togs and camera and plenty of water!

    Depart – note early start!

    ·         8.00 am, The Strand, Takapuna

    ·         8.20am Silverdale Park & Ride bus stop.  Financial members please register for Silverdale pick up.

    Organiser:    Amber  027-838-9483

    Non-members please contact Organiser to register and assess suitability. 


    ·         $25 members

    ·         $30 non-members.  Please phone the organiser to check the suitability of this tramp.

    Members please register for the trip by 7pm Friday 17th Feb.

    Driver: TBC

    Maps: TBC

    • 25 Feb 2023
    • 8:00 AM
    • 26 Feb 2023
    • 5:00 PM
    • Como Street, Takapuna
    • 16

    Broken Hills & Coromandel- Kauareanga Valley -Mini Weekend Trip

    Saturday 25th to Sunday 26th February ‘23


    Both, Easy and Medium Fit (M/F)  parties will drive through to Broken Hill Campground which lies in a picturesque setting in the Coromandel beside Tairua River and below spectacular cliffs. 


    Easy Party will explore the network of tracks, old goldmining sites, water races and tunnels. Explore historic gold mining area:  old mine tunnels, site of the aerial ropeway which transported the ore across the valley to the Golden Hills battery.

    Highlight is the circular track taking one of the Lookout viewpoint looking over the towering rock formations beside the site and then back down to cross a 500 metre long old mine tunnel referred now as Collins Drive.  -Torch required.

    Once out of the tunnel there are descents past more tunnels.

    There are remains to look at of the stations for the aerial ropeways that crossed high over the valley to the Stamper batteries used to extract the gold from the quart ore on the other side of the river. As you descend further the track makes use of the old horse drawn tramways.

    Swimming hole near the Roadend camping ground.

    Sleeping Options: Sleep on the bus or Tent


    M/F Party will walk up from the Broken Hills Campground to the Lookout view point and then onto the HiHi Trig (725M, ~4 1/2hrs). From there it is a further 2 hrs to Billy Goat Basin Campground for the night.  Tent required.


    Easy Party will drive around to Kauareanga Valley Rd. Park bus at Catleys Campsite and walk up Tarawaere Dam Track.
    M/F Party will walk out from Billy Goat Campground via Tarawaere Dam Track and finish at Catleys campsite.
    Parties will meet on the track and walk out together
    Back in Auckland mid- afternoon.

    8am, Como Street

    Organiser: Kevin Osten Ph. 027 4577418

    Driver: TBA


    • ·        Medium Fit Party Cost: $70
    • (Price includes Billy Goat Flat tent Site: $5)
    • ·        Easy Party Cost: $80
    • (Price includes Broken Hills Campground fee: $15)

    More info: 

    Broken Hills Gold Mining History

    Broken Hills and Kauaeranga Valley Info

    • 22 Apr 2023
    • 8:00 AM
    • 23 Apr 2023
    • 5:00 PM
    • Como St, Takapuna
    • 16

    Kaimais - Mini Weekend 

    Waitawheta Hut via Waiorongomai Valley Pylon Track

    Duration: 2 days: Saturday 22nd to Sunday -23rd April’23

    Access: Waiorongomai Road end, southeast of Te Aroha township

    Grade: Medium

    Times:  Waiorongomai car park to Waitawheta Hut via Pylon Track, ~6 hrs

    Waitawheta Hut to Waiorongomai car park via Waipapa Track and Mt Te Aroha, 6 ½ hr

    Total Ascent ~2500m

    Accommodation: Waitawheta Hut, 26 bunks. (Club has prebooked 15 bunks) Limited tents sites outside Hut:


    Waitawheta Hut is a popular overnight stop in the Kaimais. It provides a feeling of seclusion with views to the surrounding forested hills.

    The Pylon Track is a trail carved by members of Auckland and Howick Tramping Club replacing the old Kauri Grove track.

    From the car park, the track briefly follows the Low Level Drive Track for two minutes before veering right along a track down to Waiorongomai River.  After a river crossing, the trail goes up the bank and past a derelict campsite, after which regular orange markers lead you on.

    Along the way some remains can be seen of the old power pylons, which took power from a hydro dam near Lake Karapiro to the Victoria Battery near Waikino.

    The track’s steadily climbs to reach a spur. Shortly after, it’s a steeper ascent to the range crest, at which there’s a clearing with several knolls offering grand views of Mt Te Aroha and the Hauraki plains.

    The track turns left along the Kaimai Ridgeway Track (formerly the North- South Track) and follows the narrow ridge offering more views west and some towards Waihi Beach and Coromandel.

    After reaching the Waipapa Track, head right along a well graded track gliding all the way down to Waitawheta Hut, a further two hours away.

    Sunday Day 2: Waitawheta Hut via High Level Track with optional side trip to Mt Te Aroha for those keen on an extra climb, then down Butlers Incline to Waiorongomai Carpark: ~5 to 6 1/2 hrs depending on whether you return via side trip to Mt Te Aroha.

    From the hut head straight back up Waipapa Track, and continue north past Pukekohatu and on to Waiorongomai Saddle.

    For the Mt Te Aroha option take the Mt Te Aroha track. ~1 1/2hr return then head down the sometimes slippery Te Aroha Link Track. Take theHigh Level track. ~2 ½ hrs to carpark. Go right and view Hardy’s hut before continuing along the track through the tunnel. You will come out at the Winding Gear site near the top of Butler’s incline. The track then descends down until you reach the car park. 


    Depart: Saturday 22nd April’23: 8am: Como Street, Takapuna

     N.B: Waitawheta Hut is a very popular and limited spaces are available.

    To secure your place on this Trip please Register on-line by 31st January’23. We have pre-booked 15 bunks

    • Limited tent sites are also available adjacent to the hut for members choosing the tent site option rather than the Hut option. If you choose the tent option this should be booked directly via the DOC Website below:
    • Waitawheta Hut- Tent Site Booking
    • The Club has prepaid Hut Fees for the first 15 people who register and choose the Hut option
    • If members want to use a Back Country Pass please choose the Self Book option when you register and the cost of the Hut fees can be deducted. Under the new DOC booking requirements people wanting to use their  Back Country Pass for Huts requiring a pre-booking will need to register and book individually on–line:


    A.   Club Booked Bunk: $65 (Includes Hut Fee: $20)

    •  (15 pre-booked bunks available)

    B.   Tent only site: $45 Limited sites available.

    C.   Self Booked Bunk using Back Country Pass: $45

    Organiser: Kevin Osten  Ph. 0274 577418

    Driver: TBA

    Maps:  Topo Map BC35

Past Tramps

27 Nov 2022 Waitawa Regional Park, South East Auckland
19 Nov 2022 Kaimai Track Clearing weekend - change of date
13 Nov 2022 Waiuku South Forest
6 Nov 2022 In search of the Champion of Neavesville
29 Oct 2022 Karekare & Whatipu, Waitakere Ranges
23 Oct 2022 Labour Weekend -Tawharanui Regional Park, North Auckland
22 Oct 2022 Cape Brett, Bay of Islands - Labour Weekend
14 Oct 2022 King Country Mini Weekend
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28 Sep 2022 September Social Evening
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28 Aug 2022 Hunua Falls & Cosseys Dam Loop Track
21 Aug 2022 Kitekite Falls, Piha
14 Aug 2022 Puhoi Tramp
7 Aug 2022 Okura Walkway
30 Jul 2022 Te Waihou/Blue Springs Walkway Mini Weekend
27 Jul 2022 CANCELLED - July Social Evening
24 Jul 2022 Kaipatiki Coastal Reserves, North Shore
17 Jul 2022 Atiu Creek, Kaipara Harbour
10 Jul 2022 Mt Te Aroha - CANCELLED
3 Jul 2022 Mt William to Mercer
26 Jun 2022 Hakarimata, Waikato
19 Jun 2022 Additional - Shakespear Regional Park - tree planting - kid & teen friendly tramp
18 Jun 2022 Crosbies Hut, Coromandel Peninsula
12 Jun 2022 2022 Winter Open Day - Devonport Loop
4 Jun 2022 Whirinaki Forest - Queen's Birthday Weekend- Cancelled
29 May 2022 Mangawhai- Te Arai- Pakiri Beach
25 May 2022 May Social Evening and Annual AGM
15 May 2022 Explore Waiheke’s Headlands
8 May 2022 Western Side, Coromandel Peninsula
1 May 2022 Mt Tamahunga, Rodney
24 Apr 2022 Manukau Harbour Coastal - Cancelled
15 Apr 2022 Kawekas Trip: Easter Weekend
9 Apr 2022 Whangarei Heads: Bream Head- Peach Cove Trip
3 Apr 2022 Pararaha Valley, Karekare, Waitakere Ranges - Daylight saving ends
26 Mar 2022 Kaimai Track Clearing, Kaimai Ranges
20 Mar 2022 Whatipu to Huia Omanawanui Track - Waitakere Ranges
13 Mar 2022 Karangahake Gorge, Coromandel
5 Mar 2022 Kaimais - Mini Weekend
27 Feb 2022 Arataki Tracks, Waitakere Ranges
20 Feb 2022 Dome Valley Traverse
13 Feb 2022 POSTPONED Explore Waiheke’s Headlands
6 Feb 2022 Tamaki Makarau -Coast to Coast
27 Jan 2022 Taranaki Extended Anniversary Weekend Adventure
26 Jan 2022 CANCELLED - January Social Evening
23 Jan 2022 Explore Rangitoto Island
16 Jan 2022 South Piha - Waitakere Ranges - fit teen friendly
27 Dec 2021 Arthurs Pass - Xmas/New Year 2021
12 Dec 2021 Wairoa loop track & Suspension bridge track. Hunua Ranges.
12 Dec 2021 CANCELLED - Orewa Xmas Party 2021
5 Dec 2021 Urban Walk in Northcote/Birkenhead
28 Nov 2021 POSTPONED - South Bethells Beach, Northern Waitakere's
12 Nov 2021 CANCELLED - Kaimai Track Clearing, Kaimai Ranges
7 Nov 2021 River Crossing Theory Course - Freyberg Park, Browns Bay
31 Oct 2021 CANCELLED - Pirongia Day Trip
22 Oct 2021 CANCELLED - Kawekas Trip: Labour Weekend
17 Oct 2021 CANCELLED - Waiheke Island, Matiatia to Park Point
10 Oct 2021 POSTPONED - Waitakere Ranges - track to be confirmed - very fit kid & teen friendly tramp
9 Oct 2021 CANCELLED.Whareorino Forest Mini Weekend Tramp
3 Oct 2021 CANCELLED - Mangawhai Cliffs Walkway, North Auckland
25 Sep 2021 CANCELLED - Kaimais - Mini Weekend
19 Sep 2021 POSTPONED - Motuihe Island Tree Planting, Hauraki Gulf - kid & teen friendly event
12 Sep 2021 POSTPONED - Tamaki Makarau -Coast to Coast - fit kid & teen friendly event
5 Sep 2021 POSTPONED - Clubs 53nd Birthday Trip, Rangitoto Island, Hauraki Maritime Park - kid & teen friendly
4 Sep 2021 Whareorino Forest Mini Weekend Tramp - Rescheduled
29 Aug 2021 CANCELLED - Pararaha Valley, Karekare, Waitakere Ranges- fit kid & teen friendly tramp
15 Aug 2021 Albany Bush & Forest Tramp
13 Aug 2021 Waikato region mini weekend 3 peak excursion
8 Aug 2021 Okura Walkway - Ara Weiti entrance
1 Aug 2021 Hunua Falls & Cosseys Dam loop track
28 Jul 2021 July Social Evening
25 Jul 2021 Botanic Gardens/Totara Park - South Auckland
18 Jul 2021 Extra Shakespear Regional Park - tree planting - kid & teen friendly tramp
17 Jul 2021 Te Whare Okioki Hut mini weekend , Lower Kaimai Ranges
11 Jul 2021 Riverhead Forest, North Shore
4 Jul 2021 Urban Walk in Beach Haven
27 Jun 2021 Ernies Track, Central Hunua Ranges
20 Jun 2021 Shakespear Regional Park - tree planting - kid & teen friendly tramp
13 Jun 2021 Kariotahi Beach to Port Waikato - very fit kid & teen friendly tramp
6 Jun 2021 Tawharanui Regional Park Tree Planting - kid & teen friendly event
4 Jun 2021 Tongariro National Park, Queen's Birthday Weekend
30 May 2021 Whatipu - Omanawanui Track - Waitakere Ranges - fit kid & teen friendly tramp
26 May 2021 May Social Evening and AGM
23 May 2021 Nikau Caves - Glow Worms - Waikaretu. Auckland/Waikato Border
16 May 2021 Long Bay Regional Park Tree planting - kid & teen friendly tramp
15 May 2021 Tangihua–Northland mini-Weekend
9 May 2021 Mother’s Day Special: An Urban Walk in Birkenhead and Northcote
2 May 2021 Te Henga Walkway & Lake Wainamu Tracks, Northern Waitakere's - fit kid & teen friendly
26 Apr 2021 Extra - Karekare, Waitakere Ranges
24 Apr 2021 The Coromandel Walkway Anzac Long Weekend Away
18 Apr 2021 EXTRA TRAMP - Huia, Karamatura Track, Waitakere Ranges
17 Apr 2021 EXTRA TRAMP - Tiritiri Matangi Island, Hauraki Gulf - very fit kid & teen friendly tramp
16 Apr 2021 Kaimai Track Clearing, Kaimai Ranges
11 Apr 2021 The charm of Mangawhai: bush, forest and waterfalls
2 Apr 2021 Great Barrier Island - Easter
31 Mar 2021 March Social/Technical Evening - Please Register - Gear Prizes on the night
21 Mar 2021 Southern North Shore Forest Escarpment Adventure
14 Mar 2021 Karangahake Gorge, Coromandel / Kaimai - fit kid & teen friendly tramp
6 Mar 2021 CANCELLED - LEVEL 3 - Whangarei Heads: Bream Head- Peach Cove Trip
28 Feb 2021 Kitekite Falls, Piha - Waitakere - kid friendly
28 Feb 2021 CANCELLED LEVEL 3 - Karaka Track and Waiotahi Circuit, Thames, Coromandel
21 Feb 2021 Karaka Track and Waiotahi Circuit - Cancelled due to Covid uncertainty
13 Feb 2021 South Piha - Waitakere Ranges - fit teen friendly - CANCELLED
13 Feb 2021 Kaimais - Mini Weekend
7 Feb 2021 Maraetai - Beachlands - South Auckland
31 Jan 2021 Auckland Anniversary Weekend -Tawharanui Regional Park, North Auckland - kid & teen friendly
27 Jan 2021 January Social Evening
24 Jan 2021 Piha Valley - Waitakere Ranges - fit kid & teen friendly (event changed 19 Jan)
17 Jan 2021 Waihi Beach – Orokawa Bay - very fit kid & teen friendly
26 Dec 2020 Richmond Ranges, Marlborough - Xmas/New Year 2020
20 Dec 2020 Takapuna, Hauraki & Devonport 20km loop - DAWN TRAMP
13 Dec 2020 Mt Te Aroha, Kaimai Ranges
6 Dec 2020 NSTC Xmas Party - Wenderholm
27 Nov 2020 Kaimai Track Clearing, Kaimai Ranges
25 Nov 2020 November Social Evening
15 Nov 2020 Broken Hills - Coromandel - Day Trip
8 Nov 2020 Huia, Karamatura Track, Waitakere Ranges
5 Nov 2020 Cancelled - Whirinaki Forest
1 Nov 2020 Albany Bush & Forest Tramp
24 Oct 2020 Takapuna, Hauraki & Devonport 20km loop - This Saturday
22 Oct 2020 Eastern Tararuas Trip: Extended Labour Weekend
18 Oct 2020 Pukekohe – 5 Summits Circuit
4 Oct 2020 CANCELLED Beachlands to Maraetai, South Auckland
26 Sep 2020 Clubs 52nd Birthday Trip, Rangitoto Island, Hauraki Maritime Park - kid & teen friendly
26 Sep 2020 CANCELLED - Whareorino Forest Mini Weekend Tramp
6 Sep 2020 Whatipu - Omanawanui Track - Waitakere Ranges - fit kid & teen friendly tramp - CANCELLED BEING RESCHEDULED
9 Aug 2020 Hunua Falls & Cosseys Dam loop track - very fit kid & teen friendly tramp
2 Aug 2020 8 North Shore Reserves in 1 day!
30 Jul 2020 September Social Evening - Cancelled
26 Jul 2020 Birkenhead War Memorial tree planting - very kid & teen friendly
19 Jul 2020 Shakespear Regional Park - tree planting - kid & teen friendly tramp
12 Jul 2020 Riverhead Forest, North Shore - fit kid & teen friendly tramp
5 Jul 2020 Karekare, Waitakere Ranges - fit kid & teen friendly tramp
28 Jun 2020 Waiuku Forest, Auckand Waikato border
21 Jun 2020 Kitekite Falls, Piha - Waitakere - kid friendly
14 Jun 2020 Ambury Farm, Mangere Bridge & Mountain - Seabirds!
7 Jun 2020 Greenhithe Hobsonville tramp
30 May 2020 Yay out of lockdown bush/forest escarpment/urban tramp!
27 May 2020 May Social Meeting & AGM - ONLINE
3 May 2020 Kitekite Falls, Piha - Waitakere - CANCELLED AT THIS POINT
19 Apr 2020 Pukekohe – 5 Summits Circuit - CANCELLED
5 Apr 2020 Omanawanui Track, Whatipu – CANCELLED
29 Mar 2020 Botanic Gardens/Totara Park - South Auckland - CANCELLED
25 Mar 2020 March Social Evening - CANCELLED
15 Mar 2020 Kaipara Heads & Te Rau Puriri Regional Park, South Head
8 Mar 2020 Ti Point - Goat Island - Leigh - capable kid friendly tramp
1 Mar 2020 Karaka to Waiotahi Circuit
23 Feb 2020 Karangahake Gorge - kid friendly tramp
16 Feb 2020 Rotoroa Island - very kid friendly tramp
8 Feb 2020 Additional Albany Bush & Forest Tramp - variation
6 Feb 2020 Waitangi Weekend - Pureora Forest
2 Feb 2020 Te Henga Goldies
25 Jan 2020 Kaimai's Mini Weekend, Kaimai Ranges
19 Jan 2020 Dome Valley Traverse
5 Jan 2020 Hauraki/Devonport Loop - Summer Open Day
28 Dec 2019 Additional - Okura Walkway - Ara Weiti entrance
27 Dec 2019 Stewart Island - Xmas/New Year 2019
22 Dec 2019 Tiritiri Matangi Island, Hauraki Gulf - very kid friendly tramp
15 Dec 2019 Titirangi to Arataki
7 Dec 2019 Extra - Northcote / Birkenhead Urban Walk, North Shore
6 Dec 2019 Hauturu Weekend Trip
4 Dec 2019 December Additional Social Evening - Nutritional evening
1 Dec 2019 Xmas Party - BBQ - very kid friendly event - Wenderholm
27 Nov 2019 November Social Evening
24 Nov 2019 Coastal Browns Bay to Devonport
18 Nov 2019 Ti Point, Goat Island, Leigh
17 Nov 2019 Hapuakohe Northern End, Northern Waikato
9 Nov 2019 Pirongia Weekend Tramp - King Country
3 Nov 2019 Brynderwyns and Mangawhai Tramp
28 Oct 2019 Extra Albany tramp - forested
26 Oct 2019 Broken Hill Labour Weekend Trip
20 Oct 2019 Tawharanui, North Auckland - kid friendly
13 Oct 2019 Long & Torbay additional tramp - kid friendly tramp
6 Oct 2019 Karangahake Gorge, Northern Kaimai Ranges
29 Sep 2019 Mangemangeroa Shelly Park Beach Path
25 Sep 2019 September Social Evening
22 Sep 2019 Beachlands to Maraetai, South Auckland
15 Sep 2019 Clubs 51st Anniversary Trip & Young People Tramp, Rangitoto Island, Hauraki Maritime Park
8 Sep 2019 Te Atatu Peninsula
1 Sep 2019 Coast to Coast - Fathers Day tramp
25 Aug 2019 Ahuroa, Puhoi, North Auckland
18 Aug 2019 East Auckland Urban Tramp
11 Aug 2019 Manukau Harbour, Grahams Beach to Wattle Bay
2 Aug 2019 Mt Te Aroha and Waiorongomai
31 Jul 2019 July Social Evening
28 Jul 2019 Waiuku Forest, Waikato
21 Jul 2019 Riverhead Forest, North Shore
14 Jul 2019 Shakespear Regional Park, Whangaparaoa - tramp & planting
7 Jul 2019 Northcote / Birkenhead Urban Walk, North Shore
30 Jun 2019 The Pinnacles, Coromandel
28 Jun 2019 Hauturu Weekend Trip - Cancelled
16 Jun 2019 Te Araroa Trail - Northern Waikato River Trail
9 Jun 2019 Tapapakanga Regional Park, South Auckland
3 Jun 2019 Extra tramp - Karekare, Waitakere Ranges
2 Jun 2019 Wenderholm and Waiwera
29 May 2019 May Social Evening & AGM
26 May 2019 Mangawhai, North Auckland
21 May 2019 Ahuroa, Puhoi, North Auckland
19 May 2019 Waitakeres: Piha Beach - Esk Valley- Kitekite Waterfall
11 May 2019 Kaimai Ridge Track Clearing, Kaimai Ranges
5 May 2019 Motuihe Island Tree Planting, Hauraki Gulf
28 Apr 2019 Nikau Caves - Glow Worms - Waikaretu. Auckland/Waikato Border
28 Apr 2019 Back up - Takapuna to Hillcrest parks
20 Apr 2019 Unsworth to Albany
19 Apr 2019 Sunny East Coast Bays Bush and Foreshore
18 Apr 2019 Easter 2019, Whakatane River Walk, Te Urewera
14 Apr 2019 Goldies Bush, Te Henga Walkway and Mokoroa Stream
7 Apr 2019 Huntly to Rangiriri
31 Mar 2019 Local Albany tramp - altered 30th Mar
27 Mar 2019 March Social Evening
24 Mar 2019 Wairoa River Walk
15 Mar 2019 Cape Brett, Bay of Islands - Weekend
10 Mar 2019 Karangahake Gorge
3 Mar 2019 Hapuakohe Southern Section, Northern Waikato
23 Feb 2019 Waitomo - King Country
17 Feb 2019 Waiuku Forest, Waikato
10 Feb 2019 Waiheke Island - Park Point
3 Feb 2019 West Harbour Tramp
30 Jan 2019 January Social Evening
27 Jan 2019 Tracks around Arataki & important Kauri Dieback seminar
25 Jan 2019 Mt Hikurangi, East Cape, Anniversary Weekend 2019
20 Jan 2019 Atiu Creek, Kaipara Harbour
13 Jan 2019 Waiake, Torbay - OPEN DAY 2019
6 Jan 2019 Greenhithe - Hobsonville Tracks
27 Dec 2018 Christmas Trip: Manapouri and Southland; Mavora Lakes / Takitimu Mountains / Mt Titiroa
23 Dec 2018 East Coast Bays Bush and Foreshore
16 Dec 2018 Tiritiri Matangi Island, Hauraki Gulf
9 Dec 2018 Ernies Track, Central Hunua Ranges
2 Dec 2018 Mataia Farm Kaipara Harbour - Sunday
30 Nov 2018 Mataia Farm Kaipara Harbour - Weekend
28 Nov 2018 November Social Evening
25 Nov 2018 Mt Tamahunga, North Auckland
18 Nov 2018 Scandrett Regional Park Mahurangi, North Auckland
10 Nov 2018 Kaimai Ridge Line Working Bee, Kaimai Ranges
4 Nov 2018 Musick Point, Bucklands Beach - Low Tide
28 Oct 2018 Kaitarakihi, Coromandel Range
20 Oct 2018 Labour Weekend - Lake Tarawera, Rotorua
14 Oct 2018 Meremere, Waikato
7 Oct 2018 Waitawheta Walkway, Kaimai Ranges
30 Sep 2018 Ahuroa, Puhoi, North Auckland
26 Sep 2018 September Social Evening -South America
23 Sep 2018 Clubs 50th Anniversary Party!!
16 Sep 2018 Clubs 50th Anniversary Trip, Rangitoto Island, Hauraki Maritime Park
9 Sep 2018 Tapapakanga Regional Park, South Auckland
2 Sep 2018 Awhitu Regional Park, South Auckland
26 Aug 2018 Dome Valley, Warkworth
18 Aug 2018 Crosbies Hut, Coromandel Forest Park Mini Weekend
12 Aug 2018 Riverhead Forest, North Shore
5 Aug 2018 Manukau Coast Path, South Auckland
29 Jul 2018 Puhinui Creek Wander, South Auckland
25 Jul 2018 July Social Evening - Little Barrier Island
22 Jul 2018 Beachlands to Maraetai, South Auckland
15 Jul 2018 Ernies Track, Central Hunuas
8 Jul 2018 Mangawhai Estuary South and Beach, North Auckland
1 Jul 2018 Devonport / Bayswater / Hauraki, North Shore
24 Jun 2018 Te Henga Walkway, Waitakeres
17 Jun 2018 Takapuna to Devonport Return, North Shore
10 Jun 2018 Kimpton’s Track Brookby, South Auckland
1 Jun 2018 Queens Birthday Weekend, Tongariro National Park
30 May 2018 May Social Evening and AGM
27 May 2018 East Auckland Urban Walk
20 May 2018 Northcote/Birkenhead Urban Walk, North Shore
13 May 2018 Mt Te Aroha, Kaimai Ranges
6 May 2018 Club Planting Day, Motuihe Island, Hauraki Gulf
29 Apr 2018 South Kaipara Peninsula, North Auckland
20 Apr 2018 Extended ANZAC Weekend - Coastal Walk: Kapiwairua – Te Paki Stream, Far North
15 Apr 2018 Shakespear Regional Park, Whangaparaoa Peninsula, North Auckland
8 Apr 2018 Cosseys Dam/Wairoa Dam Hunuas, South Auckland
30 Mar 2018 Great Barrier Island - Easter
28 Mar 2018 March Social Evening - Trip Photos from China and Tibet
25 Mar 2018 Waitawa Regional Park, South East Auckland
19 Mar 2018 Kaimai Track Clearing, Kaimai Ranges
18 Mar 2018 Rotoroa Island, Hauraki Gulf
11 Mar 2018 Mangawhai Cliffs Walkway, North Auckland
4 Mar 2018 Karangahake Gorge, Waikato
25 Feb 2018 Wairoa River, Hunua Ranges
25 Feb 2018 Mercer Bay, Waitakeres (cancelled)
18 Feb 2018 Little Shoal Bay - Le Roys Bush - Kauri Point/Centennial Park - Kauri Glen, North Shore
11 Feb 2018 Oneroa Peninsula, Waiheke Island
4 Feb 2018 Atiu Creek, Kaipara Harbour
31 Jan 2018 January Social Evening
27 Jan 2018 Anniversary Weekend: Hunuas, South Auckland
21 Jan 2018 Tawharanui, North Auckland
14 Jan 2018 Summer Open Day - Mahurangi West Regional Park, North Auckland
7 Jan 2018 Long Bay to Okura, North Shore
27 Dec 2017 Christmas Trip: Kahurangi and Golden Bay
17 Dec 2017 Puhoi, North Auckland
10 Dec 2017 Waharau Regional Park, Hunua Ranges
3 Dec 2017 Tiritiri Matangi, Gulf
29 Nov 2017 November Social Evening
26 Nov 2017 Hakarimata, Waikato
19 Nov 2017 Ernies Track, Hunua Ranges
12 Nov 2017 Motuora Island, Gulf
9 Nov 2017 November Committee Meeting
5 Nov 2017 Karekare, Waitakeres
29 Oct 2017 Kaipatiki Coastal Reserves, North Shore
20 Oct 2017 Te Urewera National Park, Labour weekend
15 Oct 2017 Hapuakohe Walkway (northern end), Waikato
11 Oct 2017 October Committee Meeting
8 Oct 2017 Waitakeres - Twin Peaks, Huia
1 Oct 2017 Hunuas - Workman Track
27 Sep 2017 September Social Evening
24 Sep 2017 Modest Mid-Waitakere Traverse
23 Sep 2017 Cancelled - Trip Leader Training Weekend - Pukenui Forest, Whangarei
17 Sep 2017 Public Open Day - Whangaparaoa Peninsula Low Tide
10 Sep 2017 Albany Tracks - Extra Tramp
9 Sep 2017 Kaimai Ranges - Cancelled / Replaced with Albany Sunday Trip
3 Sep 2017 Rangitoto Island - 49th Anniversary Trip
27 Aug 2017 Waitakeres - Lower Nihotupu Reservoir
20 Aug 2017 Waitakeres - Cornwallis to Parau
13 Aug 2017 Waitakeres - Lone Kauri Loop/Karekare
6 Aug 2017 Te Araroa Walkway - Takapuna to Long Bay
30 Jul 2017 Goldie Bush / Mokoroa Stream/Te Henga
26 Jul 2017 July Social Evening
23 Jul 2017 Mataia / Kaipara Harbour - Day Trip
21 Jul 2017 Mataia Farm Kaipara Harbour - Weekend
16 Jul 2017 Shakespear Regional Park - Volunteer Day
9 Jul 2017 Okura Walkway to Stillwater return - WINTER OPEN DAY!!
2 Jul 2017 Auckland City Coast to Coast Walk
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