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Extra Shakespear Regional Park - tree planting - kid & teen friendly tramp

  • 18 Jul 2021
  • 9:15 AM
  • Army Bay, 1468 Whangaparaoa Rd, Whangaparaoa


  • -          9.15am   Army Bay, 1468 Whangaparaoa Rd, Whangaparaoa
                                First carpark on left.

Organiser:   Imogen 027 289 8440
                        * All newbies please phone, no texts
                        * Financial Members please call or text to register

Driver:   NO BUS TODAY!!!

Cost:      Free, no cost



Continuing our give back to the community programme each year, this trip we will be doing a second tree planting at Shakespear Regional Park, for those that missed out last month.  
Another extremely beautiful park that we always enjoy tramping over and around the peninsula.    The Shakespear Regional Park planting days are very well organised as we have found with recent planting trips over the last few years. 

Tree planting is really important, as it provides vital habitat for the native creatures that rely on the sustenance, cover and homes provided by these trees and also in gullies where there have been slips in the past, to hold the ground together to help prevent further slippage. 

Come be part of part of something amazing and feel rewarded and satisfied and please let friends and family know too, if they want to join in. 

From the SOSSI website: 
Public planting days at Shakespear for 2021, 18 July. 

Planting is from 10am to 1pm, and followed by a free BBQ.  Follow signs at the park entrance to planting site.  Dress for the weather, bring warm clothing, raincoat and gaitors are a good idea and wear closed footwear suitable for a muddy slope.  Please watch the weather forecast,  but planting usually goes ahead regardless of the weather (if in doubt check their SOSSI facebook page).
Gloves and spades are provided but feel free to bring your own clean equipment. 

We will go for a walk around this beautiful park after lunch and planting.   (There have also been Hihi & a few other natives species of birds released in the park in the last year that we hope to spot along the way).  

Please ensure all your gear is scrubbed clean, in case we pass any Kauri'd areas and as always ensure you thoroughly clean your gear afterwards. 

(PLEASE, bring a change of clean footwear to change into afterwards so you are not possibly transferring any Kauri Dieback & a bag to put dirty footwear and gear in.    Please ensure all of your gear is clean, as we are passing through Kauri'd areas).  

Please bring your own hand sanitiser just in case we need to stop somewhere along the way or use boot stations.  

Ministry of Health Covid-19 Guidelines:

" Please stay at home if you are feeling unwell or you have symptoms consistent with COVID-19.

 Please follow Government guidelines on self-isolating

*  You are welcome to use your face mask and hand sanitiser. 
*  There are COVID-19 QR codes available for scanning.

** Non-members:  Please phone the organiser to check suitability of the tramp.

(Please note newbies, this tree planting does not qualify as a full day trip for membership applications, as we're only tramping part of the day.  We hope you'll still join us to be part of something special!).  

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