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Meeting PlaceS

For maps of where to meet for tramps and social evenings, see here.


Take enough food and water for the day, plus extra in case your return is delayed.  

Make sure you have the required gear, including a first-aid kit, and a change of clothes and footwear for the bus. 

We recommend wearing shorts on the track.  Jeans or long pants may get muddy, or soaked if it rains or you need to cross a stream.  You can find a list of suggested gear following:

 Gear Lists

Safety Guidelines

All outdoor activities of this nature attract some risk, and the club does its best to ensure the safety of all its members and guests.  However, ultimately you are responsible for your own safety. 

For your safety and comfort, please read these guidelines:

 - General Info & Safety Guidelines

Good Tramping Practice

Always tramp together as a party. Always be in sight of the persons in front and behind you. Do not go off on your own. There should be at least four people in a group. 

Always wait at all track junctions, tree windfalls and stream crossings until the party has reassembled. 

Carry your own first aid.

To help keep the club bus clean, don't wear muddy clothing or footwear in the bus, and bring a bag to put your boots in after the tramp. 

Kauri dieback disease is spread by contaminated soil and water. To avoid spreading the disease within a forest, please clean and disinfect your boots and poles wherever treatment stations are provided.  Clean your gear between tramps to prevent contamination between forests.


Club members may hire equipment such as packs, tents, cookers, etc. Contact the gear officer here for information about what's available and to arrange collection. Gear may be borrowed for free on club trips, and for a small charge for private use.


If there is room on the club bus but you choose to use private transport, we ask that you still pay the trip fee. If the bus is full or not used on that day, please pay the trip fee to the driver of the private vehicle used.


Return times are always uncertain so avoid giving a definite time you expect to be home.

if a Party is Overdue

A tramp can become overdue for a variety of reasons, depending on the experience of the group, the route, whether it is a day trip or multi-day trip,the  weather and daylight conditions. Following are guidelines for those waiting back at the bus.

 - Overdue Parties


Bookings are required for weekend and longer trips. They are generally not required for Sunday tramps.

We may accept a booking from a non-member if they are known to the club, e.g. past member.  There will be an extra fee for a non-member. Contact our trip bookings officer for details here

Details of how to book are described in the trip listing. Book early, as numbers are sometimes limited. Unless otherwise specified, bookings for trips close on the Thursday, 8 days before the trip departs. Your booking will be confirmed when your trip fee has been received.  


If you need to cancel a booking, to receive a full refund please do so before the closing date for the trip. 

If you need to cancel after the trip closing date, please do so as soon as possible. You may apply to the trip bookings officer here for a refund, no later than one week after the trip departs. If there are non-recoverable expenses, we may not be able to offer a refund, or only a proportion.

If the club cancels a trip, full refunds will be given.

Newsletter Contributions

Trip reports and photos, news and everything else club related are welcomed for publication in the club newsletter. Please send to the newsletter editor here.


You can post your photos and comments from a trip on the club's Facebook page here and Flickr here.


  • New Zealand weather information - here
  • New Zealand Topographic Maps - here
  • Department of Conservation - here
  • Auckland City Regional Parks information - here
  • - track maps for New Zealand and the world - here


If you are organising a day trip, here are guidelines to help to you prepare.

 Guidelines for Organising a Day Trip

- Day Trip Sheet


The club operates under the terms of its constitution.

 Club Constitution

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