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Cancelled - Whirinaki Forest

  • 5 Nov 2020
  • 7:00 PM
  • 9 Nov 2020
  • 6:00 PM
  • Como St, Takapuna
  • 18


This tramp has been cancelled due to insufficient numbers 

Whirinaki Forest 5-9 November 2020

Please note that this tramp includes two weekdays, members of the working class will require a couple of days’ holiday.

The Whirinaki Forest is a temperate rain forest in the central North Island, just to the west of the better-known Urewera National Park. It has been described as “the most visually superb remnants in New Zealand, with podoarps up to 65 meters tall and reaching three meters in diameter” and British biologist David Bellamy regarded it as one of the great forests of the world. The area is rich in bird life including kaka, whio and kiwi.

Two options are offered; if there are at least four people who apply for each option, both will proceed; otherwise, we will chose the option preferred by the majority.

The group will leave from Como Street carpark at 7 pm on Thursday 5 November. The drive to Murupara should take about four hours. The whole party will stay at Murupara Motor Camp on the first night (sleeping on board the bus or in tents).

Group A will stay in huts on the next three nights, Group B will camp in tents on the first night and in huts the other two. You will require $5 hut tickets; huts (all 9 bunks) are available on a first-come, first served basis, Group A members should bring tents as well.

Group A
(abbreviated version of the Te Pua-a-Tane circuit)
6 Nov.: to be dropped off at the Plateau Road carpark. Walk to the Upper Whirinaki Hut (3.7 km, 2 hrs), then south and east along the Whirinaki River to the Upper Te Hoe Hut (11 km, 6 hrs).

7 Nov: walk south-east to the Central Te Hoe Hut (6.5 km, 5½ hrs), the most southerly point on this track, then north along the Te Hoe Track to the Maungakahika Hut (8.5 km, 3½ hrs).

8 Nov: continue northwards to the Rogers Hut (8.5 km, 3½ hrs). This hut is said to be something special – one of the old deer-cullers’ huts made from massive beech slabs and fitted with a stained glass window. Then turn off to the left and follow the Moerangi Stream to the Moerangi Hut 9 km, 3 hrs).

9 Nov: Continue northwards to the junction with the Whirinaki Waterfall Loop Track and finish with a walk through the Te Whaiti Nui A Toi Canyon. Finish at Rogers Road carpark (13 km, 4½ hrs).

Group B
(Mangamate Loop Track with extension)
6 Nov: from Rogers Road carpark, take side tracks to Arohaki Lagoon (5.5 km, 2 hrs) and/or Waiatiu Falls (3.2 km, 1¼ hrs), then along Whirinaki Waterfall Loop Track to Vern’s Camp (8 km, 2½ hrs).

7 Nov: continue southwards to Central Whirinaki Hut (8 km, 2½ hrs) and Upper Whirinaki Hut (7 km, 3 hrs).

8 Nov: retrace steps northwards for 3 km, then turn off to the right and follow Mangamate Stream Track to the Mangamate Hut (8 km, 4 hrs).

9 Nov: walk back to Rogers Road carpark (10 km, 4 hrs).

Both parties should arrive at the Rogers Road carpark around 1 pm on Monday 9 November. Drive back to Auckland (Como Road carpark).

As there is still a possibility of COVID-19 in the community:

  • Only come out with us if you are well 
  • Bring warm clothing as we will endeavour to keep the bus well ventilated
  • You are welcome to use your face mask and hand sanitiser on the bus
  • There will be a COVID-19 QR code available for scanning

Topo 50 BG38 Wairapukao, BG39 Ruatahuna and BH39 Putorino.
See the DOC brochure for further information:

Cost: $120.

Organiser: Chris Bilham, 022-657 3837.

: To be confirmed

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