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Xmas Trip Dec 2022 - Jan 2023

  • 27 Dec 2022
  • 12:30 PM
  • 4 Jan 2023
  • 12:00 PM
  • Mt Aspiring National Park
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27 December 2022 – 4 January 2023

Area: Mt Aspiring National Park

General Outline

We have a space left in Caples- Greenstone party only 

Participants will assemble at Queenstown Airport before noon; those travelling from Auckland have the choice of flights departing at 6:45, 8 and 9:30 am. Three minibuses (two 12-seaters, one 8-seater) have been hired to carry trampers to the beginning of their track or to Base Camp.

Each of the out parties has two tramps: the main one and, because none of them takes up the full 8 days, a shorter one of 2 or 3 days. All parties should return to Kinloch on day 8. We will have a farewell banquet at the
Glenorchy Hotel
Base Camp

Base camp is Kinloch Lodge. Kinloch is 26 km from Glenorchy by road; there is also a boat service (Queenstown Fishing). The lodge has a variety of accommodation at different prices; of most interest to us are the Wilderness Rooms. There are 13 rooms with a total of 39 beds.  There is a large, well-equipped kitchen and dining room and even a large, outdoor spa pool and, of course, guests are welcome to patronize the bar and attractive restaurant . Prices are around $60 per person per night. There are also dining/drinking options in Glenorchy.

Out Parties

1. Rees-Dart Track 6 days, MEDIUM PARTY (M) 3 x Parties (total 20 persons)           

“ The Rees-Dart Track is a moderately demanding 4 to 5 day tramp* of 6 to 8 hours walking per day. It follows the Rees and Dart rivers through leasehold farmland and the southern part of Mount Aspiring National Park. Spectacular mountain scenery, forest and alpine vegetation, glacier-fed rivers and the Dart Glacier are significant features of the walk.”
* Note: We are doing two side-trips, adding two days to the route.

Because we now have 3 partes doing this tramp the itinerary will differ to ensure we do not all meet at the same hut each night.

Day 1: Begin at Chinamans carpark, walk up Dart River to Daleys Flat Hut, 20 bunks (about 6 hours).
Day 2: Walk to Dart Hut, 32 bunks (about 6 hours).
Day 3: Side trip to Cascade Saddle and Dart Glacier (6-8 hours), return to Dart Hut.
Day 4: Cross Rees Saddle (1471 m), descend to Rees River and Shelter Rock Hut, 22 bunks (5 hours)
Day 5: Walk along Rees River to the south, then turn west to walk up to Earnslaw Hut and Kea Basin (8 hours). Camp.
Day 6 (1 Jan): walk down to Rees River and south to Muddy Creek carpark. Pick up and drive to Kinloch.
Day 7: Walk up Earnslaw Burn to Gilkinson Falls
Day 8: Walk back down, return to Kinloch.

Max 20 people over 3 parties.  Cost $394

2. Caples – Greenstone track 4 days, EASY (E)

“Tramping the Caples and Greenstone valleys, by crossing the sub-alpine McKellar Saddle, is an excellent four-to-five day round trip in superb surroundings. The Greenstone valley is wide and open with tussock flats and beech forest. The Caples is narrower and more heavily forested, interspersed with grassy clearings.”

Day 1: Walk to Lake Sylvan, then along Rockburn Track to the shelter on the bank of the Dart River (3 hours). Camp.
Day 2: Walk up the Rockburn Track to Theatre Flat (6 hours). Camp.
Day 3: walk back along the Rockburn Track to the south, then turn off to cross the easy Sugarloaf Pass  (1154m) to finish at Routeburn Shelter (6 hours). Return to Kinloch.
Day 4: rest day or join Home Party for a day walk. Kinloch.
Day 5: Greenstone Road end to Mid-Caples Hut, 24 bunks (2-3 hours)
Day 6: From the hut walk north-west, cross the sub-alpine McKellar Saddle (945m), then south to McKellar Hut, 24 bunks (6-7 hours)
Day 7: McKellar Hut to Greenstone Hut, 20 bunks (5 hours)
Day 8: Greenstone Hut to Greenstone road end (4 hours), return to Kinloch.

Max 6 people Cost $479

Please note: The price for out parties does not include hut fees, which are $20 per person per night. Each person is responsible for paying the fee him/herself (hut tickets available from Bivouac and DOC information centres; you will need a combination of $15 and $5 tickets).  Bunks cannot be booked in advance, all trampers on the out parties should carry a tent.

Home Party
Many one day or overnight tramps are available around Glenorchy and Queenstown. These could include:
•    Earnslaw Burn Track
•    Routeburn Falls; 3-4 hours one way from the Routeburn Shelter
•    Lake Sylvan and Rockburn Shelter return
•    Mt Judah; this walk, starting just outside Glenorchy, passes the remains of the Scheelite mine to reach the Bonnie Jean Hut and Boozer Hut.
•    Kea Basin Track; 4-6 hours one way from Muddy Creek carpark on the Rees River.

Max 6 people. Cost $650

Notes Applicable to All Groups
t goes without saying that all trips are subject to weather conditions. Trip leaders should have a plan B in case inclement weather makes the original plan impractical.

Out Party 1 will require several river crossings and be walking in rugged country some of it above the bushline. Members of these
parties should be physically fit and well-equipped. Heavy rain would make the rivers impassible and would definitely affect our plans.

•    Members of Out Party 1 (Rees Dart)  are expected to have completed a River Crossing Course.
For those who have not completed a River Crossing Course please register for the Club sponsored course scheduled for Sunday 4th December.

All members of the out parties should be equipped with tents.
We have to provide our own drivers. An ordinary class 1 driving licence is sufficient, no need for passenger endorsement. Please indicate if you are willing to be a driver.

N.B: Before booking your air tickets please ensure your Registration has been approved by the Club’s Health & Safety Officer. You must arrive at Queenstown before noon on 27 December. With regard to the return flight, allow about two hours for the drive from Kinloch to Queenstown Airport – don’t book for an early flight.

Prices are as follows:

Home Party: $ 650 Limit 6
Out Party 1 (Rees-Dart): $394 Limit 20
Out Party 2 (Greenstone-Caples): $479 Limit 6

N.B Prices are current but maybe subject to change depending  on final trip and room allocations.

Successful applicants will be required to pay a deposit of $100 by 2nd July, with the balance on or before 6th November 2022. Refunds for cancellations are subject to the usual club rules.


Places on the trips will be allocated according to the order in which registrations are received, subject to approval from the Trip Organizer and the Club’s Health & Safety Officer that the person has a suitable standard of physical fitness and experience.

In the event of over-booking, unsuccessful applicants will be wait-listed and allocated to a trip if there are any cancellations.

Organiser: Chris Bilham  022 657 3837

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