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Trip Report: Hakarimata Rail Trail and Kauri Grove walk

27 Jun 2022 2:05 PM | Anonymous member (Administrator)

by Joanna

A journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step – Lao Tzu

As the glowing orange sun rose over Takapuna Beach the trampers gathered excitedly at the pick-up location. A new adventure was about to begin, and we boarded the bus enthusiastically.

On the journey over the Harbour Bridge, we were greeted with a magical mist enveloping the warm land but leaving a clear view of the cold concrete city almost as though the mist preferred to be closer to nature.

Upon arriving at the beginning of the Hakarimata walkway we chatted happily and walked through the mysterious mist. As we entered the forest our leader Gary, like an experienced marine platoon commander, quickly and instinctively noticed the need for two groups. Patiently, Gary took care of his platoon and guided us through the undulating forested path to the summit.

The view was spectacular from the top and we all took the opportunity to eat and share war stories of our climb as well as take photos as evidence of proof of life.

The stroll down was enjoyable, and we noticed beautiful trees, sparkling streams, and tranquil waterfalls. I especially loved the soothing sounds of nature.

Next on the agenda was a loop walk to the Kauri grove which was fascinating and left us all in awe at nature's magnificence. The magic didn’t end there as we continued wholeheartedly to the lookout which was well worth the extra steps. Basking in the warmth of the sun and admiring the spectacular scenery which highlighted the grandeur of the might Waikato River, we took the opportunity to rest and chat before our descent.

On the drive home, exhaustedly we all looked forward to a hot bath and some delicious food.

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