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Dawn Tramp, 20 Dec 2020

20 Dec 2020 12:00 PM | Anonymous member (Administrator)

You'd think with a 6.30am start, most would still be snoozing away blissfully.   Not a game bunch of trampers, up for the challenge!  Surprisingly a good number of people turned up to welcome in the most perfect sunrise cresting over Rangitoto Island.  Hues of pinks and golds glistening over a perfectly flat, calm Takapuna Beach as we started striding in the direction of Devonport on the low tide.

Dawn views. Photo Imogen

The striding becomes more careful foot placement as soon as we reach the rocks at the southern end of Takapuna.  Although the sand has covered in some of the rockiest parts allowing for good pace.   Before most even realise it, we've reached Narrow Neck and then round the corner between two massive lumps of rock.  In this particular area there are some particularly amazing rock formations that are vertical! 

Not the usual horizontal, piquing most people's interest given the proximity to Rangitoto Island.  We can only guess these rocks fractured about the time of the formation and disturbance of the island 600 years ago. As we're walking along we discover that most in the group hadn't done this full loop and didn't know it was possible.  Many had only done parts of it.  (There's also a like loop when the tide is up too, scenic cliff tracks instead).

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