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Kaimai Track Clearing : The Team-of-Four - by Lynda Langridge, (self-elected official photographer)

6 Jun 2019 6:35 AM | Anonymous member (Administrator)

Here is the Team-of-Four hard at work in the north part of the track.

Note Bernhard’s cheerful smile as he slams his spade deep into yet another tall clump of tough, resilient cutty grass; please note the huge log Pierre has just chopped a wide track through, and again, please note Gary’s thorough removal of still yet another thicket of pesky track-loving shrubs, bushes and prickly stuff. You can see the clearing I have prepared in the distance.

You will see from the second photograph that we didn’t waste time and energy putting fly’s over our tents. All time and energy was devoted to track clearing. We worked, worked, worked , from dawn to dusk and beyond.

p.s. All preposterous rumours of whiskey drinking, parties in Pierre’s tent, light displays similar to a disco, are just that – ludicrous rumours.

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