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Biking Hiking Shuttles in the Kaimai Ranges

18 Nov 2022 2:27 PM | Anonymous

From Kaimai Track and Hut Users:

Biking Hiking Shuttles - the brainchild of Sue and Pete Middleton.

I’m sure many of you have have seen some commentary recently about Sue and Pete, and some have used their services - with fantastic reviews.

We (KRT) would not normally endorse businesses via this Facebook page, however Biking Hiking Shuttles is a great fit for our mission to get people in and out of the Kaimais with great experiences - safely, and therefore makes them something of an exception.

Sue and Pete, also intrepid adventurers, are based on their farm near Te Aroha and offer a comprehensive service that will get you where you are going - can provide safe parking, and will even pick you up after, with flexibility around timing!

Coming out a day early - no problem. Need to change exit pickup - go on challenge them!

Pretty sure I’ll be seeing them soon - hit them up - got to be better than coming out to a damaged or missing car - or if you get rained out and need to exit early for safety reasons - have the security of knowing you can do this.

Judging by that feedback - they’re off to a great start.
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